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Never again!!

Dear Sonia Harris,
it is nice that you spend your time answering queries on this website but your customer service doesn't dare to answer to emails or calls, so I will try here.
Like many I purchased a Bean Bag XXL color green and placed the order to you on Nov. 14.
First it was said the order should be delivered within 6 weeks so just on time for Xmas, in fact this was a Xmas present for my boyfriend.
A couple of days before Xmas I checked on your website and the delivery date was moved to the 4th week of January, so I had to buy another last minute present and thought that the item would arrive just on time for his birthday.
The 4th week I didn't see anything arriving, then I received an email from Groupon saying that the item will be delivered within Feb 3.
Funny enough, my order showed now a tracking number from DHL but guess what? The tracking number doesn't exist and I didn't receive yet the order!
I contacted your customer service with no answer, then I contacted Groupon to understand what happened.
They told me that you said that the order was sent to the wrong address (maybe the lady below that was waiting for a black bean bag?) and that you had no expected delivery time anymore.
Well all this is unbelievable! First of all how can the tracking number from DHL be invalid? And how is possible that you cannot provide an expected delivery date? Which is still week 5 btw on your website, which is obviously passed.
Nonetheless to say that the situation became very embarrassing with my boyfriend that keep asking me where is my birthday present?
I have a little feeling I have been scammed but I want to hope I am wrong. All I want to know is when you intend to deliver my order and if the proposed date is not acceptable I will have to ask for a refund.
But as a customer I deserve more respect and to be kept informed about my order.
And thank you for providing a discount on future orders but how can you expect anybody to purchase again from you?
I hope I will get an answer this way...
Thank you

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