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Not the best Pc in the World!!

Bought a P/c from Pc World a few weeks ago and I've had nothing but trouble. It keeps breaking down they keep fixing it and it breaks down again! (does this sound familiar to some of you!!) finally they did replace the machine but OMG what a nightmare, I don't think I'll ever go back into that store again!!


Amazon brilliant

We bought a kindle from Amazon and it was faulty, Amazon picked up the faulty kindle and replaced it free of charge within 48hours. Amazon you deliver and your service is impeccable second to none thank you!!


Ronseal deck oil doesn't do what it says on the tin!!!

We bought a few tins of deck oil from Ronseal for our deck after many months of building a fantastic platform with stainless steel railings, cables etc. Our next task was to oil the deck from the elements, anyway the deck oil went on and everything was fine for a few weeks, after that time the coating started to peel off which left the deck in a complete mess.

We called ronseal to explain and they automatically sent use more of the same product. After a few weeks it stated to peel off again which now left the deck now in a real state.

We then discussed our problem with a local deck building company and they said it wasn't the best stuff to use and you will have to completely re-sand the deck to prepare it for a coat with a more expensive product....the whole job to re-sand and re-coat cost £500 that's not including the product originally bought from Ronseal, so thanks Ronseal!!


Too Expensive!!

We bought some screws and wood to build a deck from the store thinking that they were the best store to visit but I was wrong! B&q are actually very expensive compared to other outlets such as Screwfix.

We bought all the things we needed in the end from Screwfix, not forgetting all the trouble of taking the product back to B&q for a refund!

The best thing to do before you buy building products is to research what you need to buy, we saved are selves more than half the price from screwfix! Compared to the materials at B&q!!! We didn't realise that there would be such different prices in the UK for the same items between stores!


Sony needs a better courier service

Well we bought a TV from the Sony store everything was fine, great & the service brilliant. However the TV was late being delivered and it was damaged. They took for ever to come and pick it back up from us i.e. two weeks over the four weeks delivery!!

It's ok if you've already got a TV but we've only just moved to the UK so we didn't have an existing TV. We called Sony and asked if they could sort out the issue but they said they were unable to help!!

Seems like the store people are being let down by the delivery which isn't good for them. Everything is sorted out now but I wouldn't go through the process again..


The Dyson Dc25 - it sucks... but doesn't blow!

Dyson Dyson Dyson!!...I keep saying it so I don’t say Hoover, Hoover, Hoover :-)

We bought the Dyson DC25 last week and what a surprise on the amount of suction it has! It actually cleans the floor rather than recirculate the dirt back into the air like some other vacuum cleaners.

Well I’m a changed man and I do all the vacuuming now as it’s now quite an enjoyable experience seeing all the dust and cr*p sucked into a clear container which I can honestly say gives me a sense of achievement:-)

Well done Dyson you’ve made a man of me. I am now addicted to cleaning and my partner thinks I’ve gone completely loony :-)

John Lewis

If you want quality go to John Lewis

Awesome shopping experience!!!:-) I’ve just moved to the UK and have found John Lewis one of the best shops I’ve ever been to! They’ve got quality products at ok prices…….well what do you expect to pay for quality products?!!

Anyway we bought some furniture and cushions etc, and we couldn’t have wished for a better service, they are all so friendly and very helpful.

Delivery was included into the price which made the experience even better…a great store if you want quality products!!

Www Doginsurance

Probably the best dog comparison site yet!

Well what can I say...I moved to the UK with my dog not so long ago and found it quite difficult to find an easy cost comparison site..You’ve got the usual stuff such as long forms to fill out and people phoning from call centres who know nothing about dog insurance!....Well after a bit of research I found the answer It took me five minutes to find the right insurance for my dog…no long forms to fill out and NO harassment from a call centres that are situated in India somewhere!!!
This site is truly worthy and well worth a visit if you need insurance for you beloved pet. They’ve also got loads of interesting articles about pets that are really informative if your pet is ill or got some sort of problem.
Anyway I gave the service four out of five stars….I give no one 5 stars unless they provide me with a free trip to a destination of my choice:-)

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I’m a male model who has been modelling for Paris Vogue for 10 years. I’m not French I’m English and I have a dog called twinkle! Well it’s my girlfriends really..well I’ve got to say that haven’t I!!!:-)
Wink wink sailor!!:-):- )