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Fit And-lovely

Love this fit blog!

Fit and Lovely has been a fun site to regularly visit for me. The site has two active writers that post daily diet and exercise information about themselves including telling exactly what they ate, how many calories were in each food item, and what exercise they performed for that day including the number of calories burned.

Along with the daily diaries they frequently post reviews on many different things that are fitness related. On their site they have supplement reviews, nutrition tips, exercise DVD reviews, online exercise routine reviews, and much much more.

The writers highly encourage people to join the site as members and foster an environment of encouragement and knowledge sharing so that all visitors are better equipped to reach their fitness/ health goals.

Overall, this is a well written and fun fitness site with a great layout and personality that I know will help others out there as much as it has helped me!


Good quantity and quality of reviews

Like video games? I sure do! But I do love to see what reviews a game got before I buy it. When I want to see a review I usually head over to ign.com to see what they are saying about it. The reviews have great length and detail allowing you to know how well the game performs in several different areas such as graphics, sound, gameplay, and replayability. Besides game reviews they have cheat codes, movie reviews, music reviews, car reviews, and general entertainment info.

I love the diversity of reviews of this site and it is professionally put together but I do think some of the reviews can be off with some very apparent genre bias present. For this reason I had to dock off a star.


Literally everything you need to know about movies

I absolutely love this site due to my love of movies and it is a great place to know anything you want to know about any movie you like. Imdb.com has lots of info about movies such as release dates, average critic reviews, cast lists with pictures, memorable quotes, and plot summaries. I use this site for everything including seeing which actor/actress played a certain role, when a movie came/or will come out, what critics are saying about it to decide if I should see it or not, and figuring out what a movie is about if I thought a trailer didn't explain enough. All of this is available with a clean and easy to use site that is pleasing to the eye.


Too much irrelevant content

Stumbleupon.com and I have a love/hate relationship. It is great in that it acts as a way to surf the web in an area of interest to you. You pick what kind of sites you would like to see and click the stumble button and up comes a site that has something to do with what you typed in. Now here also lies the problem with stumbleupon. When you move on to the next site, you could end up looking at a website that you arent even able to justify how you got you in a seemingly completely different category. Also, you may land on a site that is relevent in category but is essentially just a spam site within it. Overall, I would recommend just heading over to one of your favorite search engines like Google, Yahoo, or even Bing to find stuff you like.


Interesting Fashion and Art Network

This site is a recent discovery of mine and I really think it is an interesting idea. Endevia is an international art and fashion online network that helps artists be known. The site talks about the artists/designers and their works through its online magazine, forum, blog, events, and through its social media outlets. The site also has a gallery where people can view the uploaded works of various artists. Overall, I think Endevia offers a great opportunity for undiscovered artists to show what talent they have to the entire world.


Great predictor of movie quality

I have been checking out this site for a number of years now to see if the latest movie releases are any good or not. For every movie that comes out they compile a whole host of reviews from movie critics from around the web and provide the reader with an average score and a general consensus review. The layout is great in that it allows you to see the overall score a movie has gotten at the top of the page and then scroll down to see a breakdown of reviews from the various critics.

This site is a great resource for any movie goer and is a must visit for anybody about to go out to the cinema. I have very rarely been disappointed by the reviews on the site and they seem to be pretty accurate predictor of how I will feel about a movie.


Helps me lose weight and stay motivated

I have really enjoyed this site for tracking my weight loss progress. It allows you to input your weight daily and see your weight loss on a graph, which is highly motivating! One of the best aspects of the site is that it allows you to look up the nutritional info for restaurant food including number of calories, protein, carbs, and fat. The site includes a calorie calculator that helps you determine how many calories you need to intake based on your height, weight, age, sex, and your weight loss/gain goals. There is also a fitness calculator to figure out just how many calories you are burning for a number of different exercises.

There is a minor downfall with the site in that it occasionally recommends eating a very low number of calories to obtain certain weight loss goals, some of which seem unhealthy.

Dynamic Antiaging

Superbly written and lively health, nutrition, and fitness site

I think this young site does a great job of being both informative and very fun to read. It has been growing steadily for a few months now and the editor has added a new blog portion that details her experience with a new juice diet. Overall, I find myself coming back to this site to see her updates on the blog daily and to check out the new pages.


Fun, Active Liberal Blog

This is a small and growing political blog that shows the world of politics through a liberal point of view. I think it is a very interesting and engaging read on a frequent basis. The author clearly isn't afraid of debate and opposition to his/her views, but rather seems to embrace it. I think anybody looking to have a good political discussion should check this site out to let themselves be heard. The author of the blog also allows for people to sign up as guest bloggers which I thought was a pretty interesting idea. I may have to send him/her an article of my own!


Great Fitness and Nutrition Site

I recently came across this site as I was looking for health and fitness ideas and they are wonderful (sitting at a desk for my job has taken its toll on my body and I have been seeking out ways to better myself). They have a blog that is updated pretty regularly that gives great advice on many different topics from choosing better snacks at work to eating healthier when going out. Besides the blog posts, this site helps people get into better shape by allowing them to purchase some really great workout DVDs and the meal replacement drinks of Shakeology. I personally have tried a number of the different DVDs from the Beachbody line that are offered here like P90X and Insanity. They both have kicked my butt many times and I have noticed significant changes in my body.

Beyond the useful content of the site, I think it is very well written with the blog being educational, practical, and informal. My wife and I keep coming back to check out the new posts frequently!

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