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Mazuma Mobile


Offered me a fair price for my handset, postage was free & the process was extremely simple with excellent communication throughout, pleasantly impressed with them & would recommend them in the future.

Gadget Panda

Chipped back the price claiming damage to an IPad that was brand new & unopened

I won a brand new IPad 2 from entering a competition but decided to sell it as we have 2 I Phone 4's in our household so couldn't see the benefit of having the IPad aswell. I contacted Gadget Panda who offered £335 for the item which I was happy with so sent it to them expecting a cheque to follow shortly after. A few days later I was e mailed advising me that they were reviewing the item value to £305 due to light scratching to the screen of the IPad, I was not impressed with this as the IPad had never been opened and was still in it's cellophaned original packaging so there is no way that there was scratching to the screen of it. I contemplated asking for them to return the IPad however as it had now been opened and turned on if I wanted to sell it I would have to advertise it as a used item and not brand new which would have probably devalued it more than the £30 they were chipping it back anyway. Just leaves a bit of a bad taste after I won the item and know that there couldn't have been any damage as it was still in it's cellophaned box that has never been opened, the e mail was obviously just a generic e mail that is sent in an obvious attempt to get all items cheaper than their original quote however on this occasion they made themselves look silly as the item was brand new & still boxed yet they claim light scratches on the screen. Dissapointing to say the least

18 February 2012

Reply from Gadget Panda Ltd

Thank you for comments. Please see our response as follows:

1. We would never remove an item from its packaging if it is sealed. It does not make sense for us to do as sealed items are worth more when resold. We therefore deny your claim that the item you sent was sealed.

2. You were under no obligation to accept our revised offer for your item and we would gladly have returned it to you should you have requested this. We are a fair and honest business and understand that two people might not always see something the same way. We have no tie-in and allow our customers ample opportunity to accept or decline an offer.

3. We do not revise offer prices without reason. Where an item does not match the description the seller has provided, then we feel it fair that the price be revised to bring it in line with the actual condition. The item conditions are clearly described on our website and we ask that sellers are honest about the cosmetic state of their item when generating a quotation.

4. We seldom revise prices. If it is our business strategy to deliberately offer a lower price for every item we receive as you claim, then we would have thousands of dissatisfied customers, which is not the case.

We would be happy to further discuss the matter with you in order to reach an amicable solution. Please contact us through the website.

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