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2 weeks to restore my hot water and heating. Take my advice and go elsewhere.

I've had two bad experiences with eon/home energy service. I've got boiler and central heating care with eon/home energy service.

The first time i lost the central heating, i rang them up, and took the earliest day they could do which was a week away for an engineer to come out, I had a 2 year old son so I was told I was a priority case, I still had to wait a week for the engineer to come out. He turned up on time which was good. He checked over the boiler which was just a standard ideal boiler and not a combi. Upstairs I have a gledhill boilermate which is where the hot water tank, pump, valves etc are. The engineer said my boiler was fine and the problem was with my gledhill boilermate. Before calling out eon I took the front off the boiler to see if there was anything obvious or an overheat reset and I left the cover off. A week before my heating packed up my dishwasher packed up so got scrapped, left in my kitchen was the front off my dishwasher that needed to go to the tip, to my horror after servicing the boiler the engineer picked up the dishwasher front and started offering it up to the boiler and asked how did this go mate, I had to explain it was the front off my old dishwasher, he then looked extremely embarrassed. This was really alarming and worried me that this bloke was playing with my boiler. After investigating the boilermate the engineer said he fault lied with the 3 way valve not switching to the radiators. He manually moved the valve with the level on the side and said if you want heating move the lever here, hot water move lever here. He left it set so I had both heating and hot water but said the valve needs replacing. He said he can't do it today so ring up and re book. I had both heating and water now so didn't bother. I didn't have much confidence in them after seeing this engineer in action. He left the front off the boilermate in case the 3 way valve needed moving which left exposed power cables, circuit board, hot pipes etc and left my property. I had to put the cover back on myself, this just topped the day off for me. Surely an engineer shouldn't leave anything in an unsafe condition and just leave the house. Good job my 2 year old son was kept away until I got the cover back on. This was my first experience....

Second experience was resolved just a few days ago. This time I lost both hot water and heating and the boiler was doing nothing, it was like it was turned off. It didn't do anything when it needed to. Again a weeks wait and still a priority case. First engineer turned up and had two extra eon people with him. He explained he was being audited today and the first guy was a supervisor and the second guy was a manager..I thought to myself wahoo I might get this fixed today. How wrong I was...checked over the boiler, thought it was the fan on the boiler, checked out ok. I was in the lounge and could hear all three of them discussing what it could be. They checked the boiler over and had a few bits off, put it back together and it started up and lit. I thought wow they've fixed it. They said they found nothing wrong with it, although it was now working. They waited for it to heat up and checked the taps, I now had hot water. Great! We waited for longer but they radiators never got hot. All 3 guys went up to check the boilermate and said they think the 3 way valve was faulty. He stripped it and greased the stem and said within an hour I would have heating. They then left. I waited and waited and still no heating so I rang customer services again and complained. An engineer being audited with a manager and supervisor and they didn't even fix the fault. It's laughable. Makes me chuckle now. Just shows the calibre of people they employ and the standards they are trained to. A few days later a different engineer turned up unannounced to check it out. He only checked the boiler and tested it and said its fine. He said I don't touch boilermates and left. No further forward than before. Back on the phone to customer services. Another week to wait, I was booked in for Wednesday, on Monday while at work I got a a text saying engineer is on his way..weird when I was booked in for Wednesday. I got home to find a note on the mat saying engineer called please ring to re-book. Back on the phone again to eon, who said there had been a mix up on their half and they had double booked my job. They said your appointment for Thursday is still booked so engineer will come as normal, (it wasn't even Thursday in the first place) after a serious barny I had to put up and wait until Thursday. I was at work but my girlfriend was in at home so dealt with it. The last engineer finally fixed the problem and changed the 3 way valve. I now have both heating and hot water and all seems ok. Thanks to the last engineer who fixed it and according to my girlfriend seemed to know what he was doing.

Overall I am seriously unhappy with eon/home energy service. Took a week to get my hot water back and two weeks to get my heating. Eon customer service is non existent, and two out of the three service engineers didn't have a good word to say about them, and they are employees. Haha. Avoid at all cost. With the first fault I was forced to use the emergency switch on the gledhill to heat the water with immersion heater, I went from £130 in credit on my utilities to £130 in debt..thanks eon, they took my monthly money and cost me another £260 because it took them so long to come out to fix it. What's the point in having cover? I could have used that £260 to call someone out same day and fix it there and then. I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY POLICY, THATS FOR SURE!!

Poor quality

The roses in the cupid bouquet were browned around the edges and tatty looking. These were a valentines present. Paid £34.99 for it.

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