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Shocked and saddened

After years of using Pay Pal and telling everyone I know to do the same, both pirvately and for business. suddenly they decide they are not going to charge back for a bad battery I ordered. They allowed the company which they have not verified to keep the money even though I have not product.And now they expect me to pay them back.
I only give them 2 stars because I used them for years with no problem but I should give them 1. They allowed me to be robbed without so much as a fight.The people that scammed me are scamming others out there too. Do not buy from


company was very devious

Returned emails as long as they thought I was a new customer but when they realized i wanted my money back they not only did not answer me they ignored paypal. Paypal closed my complaint because the number they provided could not even prove the battery had been shipped. Oh it was shipped alright. to me. dead and unusable and then back to them they still will not acknowledge they have my money and their lousy broken battery. DO NOT TRUST THESE IDIOTS. They either dont understand English or they just dont care.

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