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Parcel Force to beat!!

I use Parcel Force a lot for shipping my stuff through EBay. They are much much better than the likes of DHL who I wouldn’t use even if you paid me!

Parcel force has always delivered my goods on time and to the right place. They have never charged me more than what was agreed and are always very friendly when they pick up my parcels.

I live in quite a remote place and they are always more than happy to provide a great service.

Thanks Parcel Force,



Do you a remember a time without Facebook!

It’s one of those things you did without, but when it’s there you can’t do without it.
I’m sure some of you though you would never put any personal information on the web. I know I used to think that way!
Thank you Facebook for a great concept that I thought would never happen:-) not sure how you’re worth 100billion:-)


Dyson defiantly, without question a '5' star service!

To me Dyson is probably one of best companies for customer service. They seem to value the customer not for the short term like most other companies but for the long term.
I think they realise that customers want products that work as well as innovative in their design. Dyson seems to realise that customer service is really important part of the process and that’s why I’m giving them 5 stars!!
We had a problem with our Dyson and they came out and fixed it with no fuss no and no charge, so I take my hat off to you Dyson for a great service.




Apple customer service is amazing!!

I can’t believe how good Apples customer service is..! I just called them regarding a problem with my old apple phone and they were really helpful. They told me how to fix the problem and they said they would also e-mail me a list of pointers so to make sure I don’t mess up the re-installation.

I really enjoy using my Ipad2 it seems so slick and easy to use not like a Pc… although Pc’s have their uses. I’ve also purchased the IPhone 4s which is something else. Thanks Apple for your support and thanks for such great usable products.



DHL Minus 200000 stars put them in the right catagory!!

Ok so I got a delivery from the US through DHL, as DHL gave me the best quote for the shipment. Funnily enough when my shipment was in transit they called me to say that the payment for the goods had increase by 100% due to volumetric weight, this was something they never explained to me when I had booked the shipment in the first place.

DHL‘s Customer services was appalling over this matter, not only by increasing the price of the shipment by 100% whilst the goods were in transit but for their bulling tactic, and threats if the bill wasn’t paid.

DHL is absolute nightmares never use DHL for any shipment.

I know you might be reading this going yeah yeah yeah…. but honestly don’t use this company! if I could give the minus 5* I would!

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Sleazy jet the not so budget airline!

Being a budget airline I thought that it would have been cheaper than other airlines. But this isn’t true.. We seemed to be dazzled by easy jets brand as being cheap, but it really isn’t when you compare other airlines.

I flew with easy jet a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe the amount of extra charges they put on top of your standard ticket.. It’s pretty obvious that you will take luggage abroad 'right' so they charge extra for that and it isn’t cheap…

Also I had a cup of tea on board the aeroplane and that cost £2.50 just for some water a tea bag and a little bit of milk!! (ripppppped off!!) They should offer it for free, as when comparing them let’s say to KLM. KLM come out cheaper, so easy jet isn’t such a budget airline after all. They should call themselves Sleazy Jet the not so budget airline!

(I was going to give them three stars but thought that they might charge me for that:-)



PayPal isn’t the best shopping experience I’ve ever had by a long stretch, their site is complicated cumbersome and they put stupid limits on the amount you can spend at any one time! I don’t mind paying them for their fees, but please sort your website out as it’s as good as an old boot with a hole in it – they works but you get wet feet!

Not such a good service unfortunately!


Hugo Boss have brilliant quality clothes

I shop as much as I can at Boss as they offer brilliant quality of clothes that really fit my body well. They are a little expensive but I always say ‘Buy well don’t buy cheap’! If you where cheap clothes you always look cheap!

However there a lot of clothes that I really want to buy but I can’t afford, which is always a bit frustrating. At Hugo Boss I feel like a child in a sweet shop always wanting more and more so we have to be a little bit careful.

Ok back to the point… Hugo Boss is a fantastic store they supply quality clothes and there service is also as good as the clothes “quality”!

Thanks Hugox




Quality baby - you know I'm gona say WAITROSE:-)

Talk about quality baby Waitrose has it all:-)

When I moved to the UK from the US of A I was bowled over by the quality of food especially at your Waitrose store and the quality of service would make many America food store envious. We took some bananas back last week (I know it sound silly) but they exchanged them without any fuss and we were so taken back by how helpful and friendly the staff were to us.

Thank you Waitrose you really made my day:-)



Cheap but a good store Thank you Argos!!

Well choosing children’s presents and sending them back to the USA is very important for me and my partner. The Argo store is defiantly a better store for us, no fuss just buy everything in one go and ship it! Thank you Argos for a pleasant experience;-)

Peterx from Glasgow

Www Catinsurance

What a fantastic cat comparison site 5* all the way baby:-)

Well my partner Edward has just bought me an engagement present in the form of a baby cat; he’s so sweet (well I think he’s male!) He’s a baby Persian so it was really important to make sure we had the right cat insurance for him.

We researched a few other comparison sites but found that they weren’t much use! Very clunky and long winded to use.

We saw this wonderful site and found it so easy to use, so we thought we would leave a review and give five glowing stars:) the browser is so easy to use and no long winded stupid forms to fill out, we were really impressed.

Thank you so much it’s been a pleasure.

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Well I’m I used to be an American football player, but I became injured in a superbowel so and wasn’t able to play football professionally again. Never mind I was coming to the end of my carrier anyway, so it was time to move on.

I now live in Scotland England and run an alternative club in Glasgow. I just wanted to do something different and see a new culture. I have two pet Chihuahua’s called Pickle and Lillie and that’s it really living life to the full still :-)