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untrustworthy dodgy practices

Recently I sold a camera lens on ebay. The lens was in perfect condition it was flawless.
The buyer then recieves the lens and asks for his money back.
He contended that the lens had scratches which it didnt.
He then put up pictures of dust particles on the front of the lens.
He even tried to tell me the lens was dirty and well used which it wasnt it was under 6 months old and barely used, he would of said anything to get his way .
So anyway I also had pictures which showed no marks of any kind.

He esculated this to a claim and within about 10 hours they went for his version of the story.
Paypal didnt take into consideration the evidence I presented at all.
When I asked for an explanation of the decision I was ignored.
They have taken there fees and I am now out of pocket .
If the item had a problem I would of said fair enough and gone with it.
But I was taken for a ride by this buyer he simply changed his mind and made up any story to get his money back.
I have been doubly screwed not only by the buyer but by ebay/paypal

I feel I was ignored and definitly owed a refund on my fees and an explanation of why they ignored my evidence.
I am now awaiting the item to be returned to me.
I will never sell again on ebay as its obvious if there are any problems paypal wont take the sellers evidence into consideration. I am very frustrated.
When the lens arrives back I believe I will be proven rite that it is perfect and I intend to then appeal with fresh pictures in the hope I can get the fees back. I wont hold my breath.

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Mazuma Mobile

transaction very smooth

Transaction very smooth they sent me a bag I put the phone in the bag and sent it about 3 days later I got a cheque.

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