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Utter rubbish, on my credit card statement

04/02/2014 5404********XXXX Auth: GENEALOGYBANK.COM,866-641-3297,USA Debit ($9.95)

Not free 30 days as they took my money.


4 months later, still no payment of promised £32.46 CashBack

Despite offering several ways to pay me the promised CashBack .....still nothing...just excuses.

Certain clients of theirs don't pay cash, only love to shop vouchers, which can be refused due to terms and conditions.

It is supposed to be Cashback...not vouchers back. They have my UK bank details, PayPal..emails....which they recommended, my home address, just waiting for them to ask for first born or blood type.

Forget double pay promise ...still waiting for Topcashback to cough up that too...that's nothing to do with their clients...just them being lazy.

Family I referred are also feeling conned.

Quidco have never had a problem paying up, their rates maybe less...but you actually see cash. Since joining in 2010 earned about £150 year.

Response is poor and very pro forma .... I have attempted to select Pay Me, supplied emails,PayPal, bank they want tesco club card info...All I am getting is ...

***Please note that due to restrictions in place with one or more of the merchants for which you have requested payment, we're unable to payout via this method. Please can you choose an alternative payout method. The merchants with this restriction in place are shown below***

That is every merchant (Topcashback's clients, not mine), I have purchased from for every payment type..except I can get some from lovetoshop vouchers, which in past I was denied using in four stores listed on voucher...why would I want these? You also have to sign up and provide profiling data to them to get a they can spam.

Still owed £32.46 according to Topcashback, but I still haven't been paid any cash?

Definitely not No.1 CashBack site. Just want to be paid so I can close account.

28 February 2013

Reply from Topcashback

Hi Claire.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review.

I am really sorry that your cash back has not yet reached payable.

Please do be assured that as soon as we receive the payment from the network then your cash back will progress to the payable status. Once it has reached the payable status then you can then claim your cash back.

It is not unusual for a policy/contract based transaction to take longer to reach payable status. This is often because the merchant may allow the policy to be running for a period of time before approving and paying for this.

If you get back to us with your TopCashback username we can take a look into this further for you and check that everything is progressing as expected in your account?

Best wishes,


Love it, best thing since sliced bread :)

I have to spend, so Quidco pays me to do that. Just wish I had more money to do it with.

The last two months I have been paid back an average of £20 a month, enough to cover bank fees, card stuff etc. so it all works out for me.

Now with Faster Payments, great offers, referrals who can go wrong..get paid to spend.

Fantastic referral offers


Changed quoted prices Mid week, refused to honour quoted prices...So lost my custom

This company is very cheeky and quite rude.

Firstly, they claimed cheapest online price of £379 for Artisan Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.
But when you visit the site, it is very difficult to locate actual prices, unless looking at each colour individually. Lots of vague From Prices.

So I sent query which received a response following morning, at which point I created an account selected my item at £379, and went to transfer money to my payment card.

I was referred by Quidco CashBack offering 4%.

When I returned less than 24 hrs later, all prices had been changed and my basket selection price also increased from £379 to £409!

After 3 emails, and no sign of them wanting or needing my business..I left their site.

But happily placed my order with HARTS OF STURS, and received exactly what I wanted STUNNING SERVICE with £35 free gift, Free 2 day shipping...and a 28 No Quibble Return Guarantee.

Ordered Friday, my KitchenAid Artisan Mixer arrived Today :)

Reading thru' some of the lessor reviews for Go-Electrical ... They demand returns within 7 days for online sales.... Could be a breach of Distance Selling Regulations.

Very glad, I didn't buy from this site.

15 January 2013

Reply from Go-Electrical

Thank you for your review.
We always aim to be as competitively priced as possible and where possible we aim to match our competitors in price, but unfortunately we are not always able to do this.
With products such as the Kitchenaid mixer prices are colour dependent as well as stock dependent. We do ask customers to look at the specific model they want to purchase to find the correct price. We also recommend that customers call our sales team on 0844 249 1001 to confirm stock availability and price, as sales items do tend to be while stocks last.
Sale items are based on stock availability and wherever possible we do try and honour prices, this is not always possible. Please see our Terms and conditions for further information regarding prices on our website.
Please be assured that our returns policy has been fully approved by Trading standards.
Kind regards,
Jennie Moor
Customer Service


No fuss, they do exactly what they say on their site...provide a seriously good service and quality goods

I shopped around for an Artisan Kitchenaid mixer, these folks checked all the boxes.

Order MW21HF10064456

They offered lowest price, plus free gift. No quibble 28 day returns guarantee.

Great choice, and items in stock...unlike other Kitchenaid sellers I looked at.

Free delivery on orders over £40. City-Link tracking, I purchased Friday...and it was delivered the following Monday.

Well packaged, they use Eco Wheat packing materials.

Really, glad to leave this feedback...will recommend to ALL friends and family.

Hope they stick around for another 60 years.


Dangerous, ZERO customer service, Uncaring Board of Directors

Today, I emailed all the board of directors of Sportsdirect.

In principle the site and store is a great idea, unfortunately not run by people for customers.. With too many expectations they fail to meet.

I have slipped in their store, due to debris in isles of the poorly managed store in Norwich. Staff were unhappy, unhelpful and made mistakes, refused to open additional registers, leading to long unnecessary lines. There was a constant fear of something falling on you. Wheeled cages of stock everywhere, even blocking access to the elevator. It was dirty and unclean. A mess.

My online order worth more than £160, arrived in good time, but poorly packaged, dirty and damaged. It looked like it had been spilt and swept up, or just left for people to walk over. The box was barely taped and very weak.

12 contact attempts later, emails, web contact forms and several phone calls, including a message left on voicemail of Dave Forsey...without response I spoke to the receptionist Carol at head office.

I am far from happy with this company, my credit card will action a section 75 or chargeback on the 1st Oct 2012.

The delivery driver signed a statement saying the package was received in without examining and poor condition. One shoe, was sent. 80% was dirty, damaged, with a size 10 footprint on the item and box.

Shop with caution, the reviews tell the story...wish I'd seen these before.

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