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OH MY GOD, i can rant forever, and ever and ever about these lot, purchased 6600 mobile screen on 17/12/09 email sayin wil b wid u by 20/12 , nothing, rang, nothing, emailed since... nothing! left messages on the phone! and no reply! HERE COMES THE BIG ONE! i disputed via paypal and oh got a reply, saying sorry mishap will be sent today by mike on the 05/01 - and still NOTHING! since then paypal looked into the dispute, i provided them with links to this website and others about peoples complaints, showed them all my emaails, gave them their number and said nobody answers, what did datakits do?? the b@stards gave them a FAKE yes a fake royal mail delivery trackin number for somebody who lives the other side of the uk from me, signed by somebody else on the 29/12/09 and what did paypal do??? OH THEY SAID ITS GOOD ENOUGH, WERE CLOSING THE DISPUTE IN DATAKITS FAVOUR THEY PROVIDED A TRACKING NUMBER, i went mad i rang paypal i questioned their incompetent demanour and what did i get in return from their complaints department?? "the case has been settled, if you can get something in writing from royal mail saying it wasnt sent to your address, we will reopen the dispute" so i rang royal mail.... and what did they say??? "we dont store addresses from tracking numbers, sorry we can just send you a letter stating what office it was delivered from" so they did, i sent the letter to paypal.... and they replied "seeing as the delivery was made within 30 miles from your address from a royal mail sorting office, we ruled that it was authorized by yourself and rule in favour of the seller" OH MY GOD WHAT A FLAMING JOKE!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?!?! IM OFF TO PORTSMOUTH IT MIGHT COST ME HUNDREDS IN TRAVELLING FOR something i paid £30 for, but this is personal now, i will not rest until i have been compensated and i will torture each and every one of them!

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