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useless company with systems that do not work

I have set up a paypoint account and have been useing for around a year. I have to say that my initial dealings with them were quite good. However this all ended once the account was set up and i started takeing payments.

Initial i was informed that payments would hit my account within 2 weeks of payment being taken. Some of you may think what a long time to wait however we knew we could work with this timescale as a short term measure and paypoint was never intended to be on our site long term. Anyway we started takeing payments and soon realised that paypoints online transaction system did not work you can not see what you are getting paid or when the only thing that is shown is each days individual transaction. So we were getting paid out but not knowing how much was coming. There were no statements at all to say what we would be paid in any way shape or form for the first 6 months. IF you ring paypoint there advisors are clueless and can only say they will speak to the merchant bank in germany and get back to you. On top of this chargebacks were taken from our account without any warning or chance to defend them. These were then taken twice as informed by paypoints staff. It then turns out after 6 months of chaseing this money that paypoints staff had got it wrong and the money never actually left my account. I have had refunds done twice. The staff are more than helpful on the phone but they do not have the ability to do anything it seems paypoint is just a front for a german company who do all the work and paypoint get paid for doing nothing.

I would stay away from paypoint at all costs we no longer use paypoint and would never recommend them to anyone

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