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Rude, disinterested staff...

Rude, disinterested staff, that don't know the products they are selling. I payed a visit to the Covent Garden/Long Acre branch today. After I asked for a jumper I seen on the window (the new one with the big F), I was told (by a girl at first) that they were brand new and still in the stock room and that a colleague would fetch me one, only to be told about 10 minutes later (this time by a guy she passed this on to) that they were all gone ! So do they do warehouse sales now? Do customers buy straight out of the boxes in their warehouse? And the shop assistant did NOT check the stockroom, he was chatting to a client all along! He just couldn't be bothered and told me they ran out. Not very clever, as they cannot have ran out if they never hit the shop floor...
Ridiculous. I just left and will NEVER go there again ! I would have thought that for a company that recently hit the headlines as they are losing profit, the shop assistants would have a better attitude... but looks like they don't... it's just another job I guess...


UNmade.com more like it...

SO where do I start ?...
Ok, ordered a lamp 3 months ago, still don't have it. Money went out of my account but no one seems to be able to find the order. Called several times and nothing. Lovely.
My flatmate ordered a sofa (I told her not to but she wouldn't listen) and it has now been over a week and not a call, a mail confirming that it will be shipped, nothing ! They say in the site that it ships within 5 working days... yeah right...
She called them up to ask about the shipping date so she can be at home, and they were rude, saying it's down to their dispatch company to confirm this, not them. They also promised to call her back, and needless to say this didn't happen.
Please, can someone do something about this sh*t company ? It looks like they just get away with bad service and late deliveries, even though delivery costs around £45 !!

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Selling used items at new price

I bought a Sony NEX-5N and an extra lens at one of the London branches. The manager had to order the lens in as they had none in store. When i popped in to pick up the lens, it was already bagged for me. I had a look down the bag, saw the lens, thanked them and left. Bad move... the box was already open, and there were finger prints all over the lens. I called them and they said they weren't aware of it, and i could pop in next day to collect a brand new one. Absolute cowboys ! How are they not aware of this, when they bagged the lens in the first place ? This is illegal, and i am still thinking of taking this matter further....

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