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A Great Self-Help and How-To Guide

Whenever we are looking for instructions on how to do practically anything, we turn to youtube.com. From harvesting a wild swarm of bees to how to successfully operate an aquaponics setup, we have never been let down by the mass of information available on this site. It's also been a real motivation to watch people who accel at the sports that we play. We watch it almost every day either as an educational tool or a way to wind down and/or laugh at the end of a stressful day. The only reason it didn't get five stars is due to the fact that the videos are not filtered and we find some of them completely useless and a waste of time.


Christmas Shopping Made Easy

This year's Christmas shopping was a breeze. Everything on my list was found on this site and at the lowest cost. We tried to get at least 50% of our products manufactured in the USA, and the description clearly states so if that is the case. I have had zero problems with shipping, and the one return I completed was effortless. This site it amazing, and I look forward to seeing those boxes with the Amazon smile on it :)


Never Again!!

I purchased an entirely new computer through this site, with the exception of the harddrive. When I went to access my rebates, they did not show up under my account. I was finally able to sit down and contact the company, via live chat. The representative was completely useless and sent me links I could not open with my (brand new) computer (no firewalls, cookies deleted daily). The website is not user-friendly for those of us who are not computer geniuses. I did not resolve my rebate issues in time, costing me over $100.00 -- I had spent over $1000.00 in the last two months. I will NEVER buy from this site again, and don't recommend it to anyone prone to support blues. The only reason it gets a star at all is because that's the minimum.

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