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Misleading claims

I believe the company makes unsubstantiated claims on their website. They accepted £175 from us to collect goods included a nearly-new IKEA sofa but two days after collection, claimed that none of our items would reach their £30 net minimum and we could either pick them up within a week or leave them with SUS to dispose of. We chose to take our items back (another £45 spent to hire a van), advertised the sofa on the [link removed] website - and sold it for £200 within 2 days. I believe that SUS accept goods from customers under false pretences and will be reporting them to the ASA.

28 March 2012

Reply from Stuff U Sell

It is always a disappointment to hear when someone isn't happy with our service, and as an owner of the business, I always take the time to personally investigate what has happened to learn what we can do to improve in the future.

The first step in our sales process is to run an appraisal with the item in front of us so we can properly assess it and its condition. We have historical sales data for similar items going back a year to help us get a guide on the eBay market value. I have personally redone this analysis to check that it was correctly performed by our Senior Lister.

There are thousands of sofas listed on eBay each week, with most of them fetching less than £10. Over the past 90 days, used IKEA Kivik Sofas (such as yours) fetched an average net sales value of £26.26

We sell and value based on the eBay marketplace. In your instance you were fortunate to find a buyer in a different place who offered to pay far above the market price. It would, however, be irresponsible for us to claim we could always find such a buyer, so we have to go based on our best estimates.

We're delighted to perform these sorts of appraisals for clients free of charge, and while we are unable sell items below £30, we offer a free service to recycle, re-use or donate to charity any unwanted items to ensure they find a good home.

* * * * *

I am sorry that you felt misled. For people with great stuff, we offer a fantastic service for getting it sold, and we want everyone to know exactly how it works.

I can see that you came to us after reading an article in a newspaper, which may have glossed over the details, perhaps. I cannot see anything specific that is misleading on our website, our forms or our terms, but I would welcome an email with any details on what you believe needs to be changed so that I can personally review it.

David Brackin
Director, Stuff U Sell

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