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I have to admit I am beginnning to think that this is a bogus company who are just out to rob people of their hard earned cash!!!
My partner was ill on valentines day so instead of picking some flowers up on the way home I thought it would be nice to send her some by courier if it wasnt too late. After some searching (googling), Serenata's website guarenteed delivery if I paid an extra £10.99. Result! I ordered the flowers at 8.30 in the morning, by 3pm I was getting concerened as i asked for confirmation to be sent that all was ok, so I phoned them up asking if they cannot make it today then let me know so I can cancel and pick some up instead, they said that it could be as late as 8pm but that they would contact the florist and call me back, but they didn't. So I waited and called them again that evening, still no proper answer. So 10pm came and I had kinda given up at this stage, of course 'herself' didnt believe that I ordered any flowers but hey what more could I say!
Anyways next day came, I rang looking for my money back and all I've been given are some bullsh*t excuses ever since by the most unhelpful of staff, they told me that they sent the order to an external client and they need to investigate it, am Hello!! I bought the flowers from You!!!!! not them,.....I am your customer not theirs, in fact i don't care if you give the order to santa claus to deliver, the fact remains that I bought the flowers from you!....I was told that that's the way they conduct their business and then told by their "excellently well mannered" staff that all I'm doing is wasting their time and to let them get on with their 'investigation'....It's been a week now and they still haven't called me once to update me or to explain properly what is going on and all I can say is that it feels like they have stolen money from me, blatantly!. Serenata if you are reading this just give me back what you have taken from me please, that's all I want.

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