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Fantastic - if you have the patience for a flat-pack marathon...

The quality and price of the sofas are excellent, and the options available make it easy to personalise your suite to the finest detail. I found Nabru by accident after Googling 'sofa won't fit up stairs', as I have an upstairs lounge and already had to send my 'dream' sofa back to the factory as it wouldn't navigate up the staircase! Thankfully the Nabru sofa was cheaper, of a similar quality and very easy to order.

My only caveat would be that you shouldn't place too much import on the 'three-minute assembly' video on Youtube - the assembly is a little more complicated than Nabru would have you believe (although not rocket science, and the instructions are very clear). My 3x2 corner sofa took two people more than two hours to assemble, but it's strangely gratifying turning the dozens of parts into a beautiful sofa right in front of your eyes - anyone who enjoyed Lego as a kid will probably be able to get some kind of perverse enjoyment from the assembly process.

I can't understand why Nabru are not better known - I think their marketing department needs to look at how better to propel the company into the public domain!

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21 March 2013

Reply from Nabru Limited

Dear Matt,
We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your Nabru sofa, we also wanted to thank you for taking the time to review our products and send us your comments.

As regards the "three minute assembly" video we would be the first to admit that in practice assembly will take longer (we do use 6 experienced assemblers in the video) however, the purpose of the video is to give potential customers a very quick overview of what is involved in assembly, in our experience very few internet shoppers are willing to invest the time to watch a you tube video which is even just 3 minutes long.
Kind regards, The Nabru Team

Simply the worst customer service experience of my life!

I ordered a beanbag from Infurn on November 5 through Groupon; the delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks seemed a little extensive, but at least gave plenty of time for it to arrive before Christmas (it was a present for my parents). I sent an email early in December just to check that it would be delivered on schedule; after a week or so (December 12), a generic reply was sent to me, apologising for the delay and saying they were doing everything in their power to get the beanbags out in time for Christmas. I replied to this email immediately, asking for details of delivery arrangements so I could ensure I was at home to receive the beanbag on the day it arrived.

After another week without hearing anything, I tried to call Infurn. Unfortunately, their customer service phone number would not connect; instead I received an automated message saying that due to the high volume of calls they were receiving, to email them instead. Oh, the irony! Every time I phoned I have received the same message; I feel it is fair to infer that rather than them receiving a 'high volume of calls', what they have actually done is shut the line down entirely in order to avoid having to talk to irate customers.

As such, my only option was to send another email, which I did on December 20. No reply; Christmas and New Year came and went. Another email on January 3; silence. Finally, on January 10, after almost a month of ignoring my emails, I received another message from them. It was almost identical to the message I received a month previously, just with a few words changed to offer apologies that the item was not delivered in time for Christmas. It answered none of the queries I had made in any of my emails, and was clearly just a 'template' sent out to appease customers. I sent another email back to them immediately, of course, asking for specific information, but to no avail.

Then, out of the blue, progress! On January 23, I received an email saying that my order had finally been shipped. Hurrah! In addition, as an apology for the delay, Infurn were offering me a £40 discount on my next purchase with them. Needless to say, I will not be taking advantage of it, and I would urge everyone else never to buy anything from this company again.

One might think that this is the end of the story; oh no. Not by a long chalk. Finally, on February 1, a mere 88 days after my initial order, the beanbag 'arrived'. I had a card through my door from FedEx, saying that it had been delivered in my absence, and left 'outside back door'. Strange, I thought; my back garden is locked securely and surrounded by a high fence! I called FedEx, and they asked me to check with my neighbours in case it had mistakenly been left outside their back door. One neighbour answered and said they didn't have it, and the other neighbour wasn't in. Not wanting to trespass on their property (they have only just moved in and I don't know them at all), I waited. Finally, the next day, they were at home and answered the door; a quick check out the back found the beanbag, open to the elements, having been left out overnight in my neighbour's garden. From the look of it, it was already in dreadful condition when it arrived there, with lots of scuffs and marks on the surface, and thousands of polystyrene beads leaking out of it.

I called Infurn immediately; nope, they were still not taking calls. Eventually I decided to call Groupon directly, which I should have done weeks ago really. All of a sudden, bang! An actual phone conversation with another human being! Straight away, I was reassured and offered profuse apologies. After a brief chat, the Groupon employee asked me to take photos of the beanbag and send them to her, which I did. She said she would try to get me a refund, to which I told her that I did NOT want a refund, I wanted a new beanbag, in mint condition, so I could finally give my parents their Christmas present! She said she couldn't promise that, but she would do her best.

Lo and behold, a few days later I receive an email from Infurn (this time actually from a real person called Natasha, rather than just a generic email from 'Your Infurn Team'), asking me to send photos of the beanbag. I send them the photos within the hour; I hear nothing. I never hear from Natasha again; I hope she's alright.

However, after a couple more emails (including another one to the very helpful lady at Groupon), I finally get another email from Infurn, apologising for the condition of the beanbag and promising to send me a new one 'as soon as possible'. Obviously I emailed straight back to ask them to expand upon what 'as soon as possible' means; this week? Next week? Next month? In time for Christmas 2013? I also wanted to know what to do with the original, damaged beanbag that is still cluttering up my house; will the courier collect it when he delivers the new one, or should I dispose of it myself? I am still waiting to hear from them. I have sent another email to my friend at Groupon today, so hopefully she will give Infurn another nudge in the right direction and I will finally be given a delivery date for a new, mint-condition beanbag. 109 days and counting.

Congratulations to anyone who read this right through to the end; if anyone would be interested in making a formal complaint to Trading Standards about this company, or at least petitioning Groupon to ensure they never deal with this company again, please leave a message here and let's see what we can do.

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