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email farming scam

Sign up with any of the sites that are pushed by this company and you can expect 2 things... One, there is a less than 50% chance that you will receive any of the promised bonus, and two, you can expect to have any email address you sign with spammed to hell. Some of there 'customers' even ask for credit info, giving this information to a site like this is nothing short of idiotic. Before applying for ANY offers via this company ask yourself if it is worth kissing goodbye to whichever email address you give them.



Many videos that show and promote drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and criminal behavior. Some of the worst and most extreme uploaders actually get paid by youtube for uploading videos showing and promoting these activities. There are supposed to be age restrictions in place on the site but these are rarely, if ever, enforced. I have personally had rolling battles with the site to even get them to take down videos of pre-teens smoking and promoting illegal substances.
Adults can make their own choices but I would never let a child of mine use the site unless under direct supervision.


Solid company

Good prices and definitely on my 'go to' list.



2 months ago I would have happily given Virgin a 10. That was before I needed assistance. I suffer from a disability which makes phone contact difficult to impossible. Now, bearing in mind that one of thier key businesses is the supply of internet broadband, you would think that SOMEWHERE there would be an option to cantact them via email. There isn't. It is genuinely not possible to contact Virgin customer (it'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic) services. And that includes for those of us who have been loyal customers for over 10 years. So, to sum up Virgin customer services...they don't exist. And as of this incident all I can say is, it's a shame trust pilot doesn't allow lower scores than 1.

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Excelent company

Very good company. I would reccomend them to anyone. Very fast service and they keep you informed at whey stage.

Beyond useless

I ordered from this company and payed using my Paypal account which I have had for several years. My Paypal details have remained unchaged since I opened it and my address is 'confirmed' by Paypal. The payment went through without a hitch, including the 'next day' delivery charge which I payed extra for by choice. The following day I received an email from Expansys claiming they would not be sending my goods out until I provided proof of my address in the form of a utility bill copy. I have never been asked to do this before by any company anywhere and so emailed expansys explaining that I was not comfortable providing the copy as I saw no reason for it. My emails were ignored and so I canceled the order. Other than the reply to the cancelation I have received no other communication/explanation from these idiots. I would advise people to be VERY cautious if ordering from this company.

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