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Take your money and drop you on your butt

we were customers for 4 years with 3 websites and ebay solution with them. we never got any help and 3 years after we started they told us that the site we use with them is out of date and they are no longer supporting it. we never got any decent sales and the software was pants. my advice streer well clear of this awful company. go to [External Link] and do it yourself for £15 per month and it works we are selling out now.


fab fab

excellent photos on this site


over priced

in my mind why do we have to pay the same for a download as they real thing. sort it out man


bad customer service

trash staff that know nothing but seem to think they do. and treat you like a fool. shop elsewhere its over priced anyway


good way to loose money fast

waste of time nuff said


perfect as usual

never fault always perfect


a lot of money for nothing

awful flight now room at all. hotel was ok but no heating and it was very cold and the food was horrendous at the all inclusive RIU olivina lanzarote. ive had better holiday that cost £1000 less


nice place bad food

nice hotel but food on all inclusive was boring same same and always cold


your not a bank sooo

really a good way to loose money but now ebay own it i guess its game over



great free tool

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wonderful place cheap holiday

great setting, great accomodation, reasonable prices. very recommended place to go A++++


horrendous rip off merchants

retuned some unsuitable goods. never got a refund despite 100s of calls. ripped off good and proper. rot in hell rog dogs

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Stolen care lost for ever left broke

had a brand new BMW stolen and they found a little grey area which i could have never found. they refused to pay out and i had to pay full cost of the car to the lease company and they black listed me so now have to pay over £180 per month for insurance instead of £300 per year. totally ripped of and dealt with like i was a criminal. will never use these or any AXA company again. watch dog also had a good moan about this very thing too.


excellent customer service and design services

cant say enough about this company. perfect service and amazing results. they know there stuff.

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just someone that misses good customer services. lets face it, its not hard is it lol