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No problems with service but sneaky cancellation policies

I've had the service for 2 years and never really had any major technical issues. The only issue I've had was when they offered me a "free" 60 days HD add-on, which when I went to cancel it before the 60 days ended was told I had to keep it for a year since 30 days had passed and they require 30 days notice. While I normally read fine print, that bit escaped me I guess due to placement.

As far as I'm concerned, if a trial is for x days, you should be able to cancel before up to anytime before x runs out, not having to watch the calendar and count 30 days so as not to be stuck with the service for a year!


Good phone coverage, fair 3G, customer service needs serious training

It's a mixed bag with Vodafone in my experience. As for phone service, I've never had any problems whatsoever. The service is pretty good. Data, while not bad is not great... it gets even worse when it comes to mobile broadband. Customer service is hit or miss.

I've had mobile broadband with Vodafone for just over a year and have to say I'm mighty glad the contract is coming to an end! I can only think of a couple times in which I wanted to use it that it actually ran smoothly without multiple drop-outs or failed utterly by just showing me the Vodafone landing page. It could be the locations I'm in at the time but as it's always a different location each time, I've just come to the conclusion that their real world 3G broadband coverage needs some serious work. Sometimes I just either ended up using my phone (dunno if it uses a different access point to the mobile broadband service) or just driving along and waiting until I reached home or the office where there's Wi-Fi.

While, thankfully, the data issues don't affect me too often, since I'm usually at a location where I can get excellent Wi-Fi, what has affected me and left me irate is their customer service. Sometimes you'll call 191 and get someone who seems to know what they're doing and leave you with a pleasant experience while 60% of the time, you might come across someone that doesn't appear to know either what's going on. Worst, they're times one rep will tell you one thing while 2 other reps tell you 2 totally different things, leaving you not knowing which is correct.

I recently tried to cancel 7 business lines. I called 191 and was told, "Oh, that's easy: you need to give us 30 days written notice so all you need to do is go to our website, click this link and then that link and state that you'd like to cancel the lines. You should get a confirmation email back; if you don't, you'll know it (the email) hasn't gone through properly!" Easy enough... I did exactly as he explained and received the confirmation email.

Then, after receiving TWO emails from two different customer service persons at Vodafone asking me to verify my details, I replied with the information they requested. Over the next two weeks, however, I received around 6 other emails from other reps providing me with conflicting information and telling me the lines will be cancelled at the end of their contract period, instead of the requested 30 day period even though I agreed to pay the early termination fees.

It took me to call Vodafone again, explain the situation to someone in the small business team who actually did have sense and who made a note in the system explaining what I needed done. The same day, a different person from the customer services team called me and did not seem to "get it" either until I explained myself AGAIN to her. Finally, she seemed to get it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed and waiting patiently until next month to be sure they finally did get it right.

Vodafone, if you're listening, you need to go back to the drawing board and work on your customer service! People need to be re-trained and need to demonstrate they understand what's going on before they deal with customers, else you will lose more customers. I was prepared to cancel all my services with Vodafone if I had to explain myself to another rep... of course, that would probably have been another hypertensive exercise!

Virgin Atlantic

A Virgin company I wouldn't want to do without

This is my airline of choice for transatlantic flights... would be nice if it was part of OneWorld so I could use the miles with AA though. :-p


I Love Next

When I want quality clothes that look modern and don't necessarily require me to sell an organ, Next is where I go to. I've never had clothing from them that tore at the seam, hem or has loose threads etc. Plus, the material is usually very good.

Spend the few extra £s and buy from Next and avoid those cheap stores because it will cost more in the long run: more time, more mending & more replacements!


Free is not free.... too much spam

They often have very useful products which mostly "do what they say on the tin" but don't be fooled with all the "free offers"! They overload your mailbox with way too much spam!

26 April 2012

Reply from Vistaprint

Our apology for any inconvenience.
Please do not hesitate to get back to our customer support on the toll free number 0800 496 0350, they can assist to deactivate the newsletters option.


Fast sometimes... billing is a nightmare

To cut a long story short, I have the 50Mbit fibre package but most times don't get it, even using an Ethernet connection. I don't do file sharing so it can't be due to the traffic management policy for 50M customers. But, fortunately, I still get most of what I need done in good enough time so I won't dwell too much on this.

The biggest beef I've had with them though is with their billing. I received a call from a VM rep one time offering me free phone and TV on top of my 50M package. I made sure I asked him multiple times what's the catch and whether I will be paying more money per month than I was at the time; he answered an emphatic "No!" A week before the installation for the upgrade, I even called VM and asked another rep to confirm I wasn't going to pay more than what I was paying at the time. He kinda sounded a bit surprised the rep was able to offer me the package he did but after "checking with his supervisor" confirmed, "No, you'll be paying the same money you're paying now!"

Well, it was installed and I got a new contract in the mail which showed my monthly fee to be £10 or so more. I called cancellations before the 7 day period and was assured I'm not being charged for the TV and phone and that he would do whatever in the system to ensure I'm not charged more than I'm currently paying. You'd have thought they'd get it right by now, woudln't you? Well, it took about 4 or 5 months for me to get it sorted and for me to get in touch with a nice lady in disconnections who understood my frustration and who not only fixed my bill but also ensured I'm receiving a £5 loyalty discount for the next 24 months.

I never use the landline phone and don't really watch the TV because that basic package is essentially Freeview. Plus, I have Sky, which has better channels for the money. However, I won't even think about calling Virgin Media and asking anyone to mess with my package. What I have will have to stay until either the contract ends or another fibre provider is offering services in my area, where I can switch if VM doesn't get it right again!


Addicted to eBay I Am

I like eBay. Like anything else, you have to know what you're doing, who to risk buying from and how to protect yourself as a buyer and a seller. The only things stopping them from getting 5 stars from me are the 10% seller fees plus PayPal fees, the fact they did away with eBay Plus, their recent changes to cashback tracking and percentages and the fact that they move too slowly when you report potentially fraudulent or infringing sellers.


Amazon Prime Does it for Me

I love Amazon. The only online marketplace I go to more often is eBay, just because of price. However, Amazon Prime is worth the extra £s per year. Not only do you get items next day as long as they meet the Prime criteria but they usually work out cheaper and faster than if you used a cheaper seller and requested Express delivery, which probably wouldn't be next day anyway.

I also buy all my music from Amazon because they're ALWAYS cheaper than iTunes, and I refuse to give Apple more money unless I need to. :-p


Their never-ending privacy issues are worrying

I used to be a Google advocate, especially in the war between them and Apple but to be honest, I'm becoming very weary and wary of Google as it becomes more and more clear just how ruthless they are when it comes to users' privacy. A company such as Google has a responsibility to web users to put privacy FIRST, and not with some wishy-washy politically-correct of fluffy statement. They need to DEMONSTRATE that users' privacy matters to them since it is the user that help make Google profitable in the first place.

The services work great and they still have the most useful search engine IMHO but they should forget about trying to rope everyone into Google+, not only because the interface and UX isn't the most appealing but also because I just see Google+ as just another avenue for them to snoop on users' browsing habits etc.

Regarding Android, I like Ice Cream Sandwich and think Android is a great product overall but again, the privacy issues are a major concern and could be the main reason I'd consider switching from Android.


Excellent international calling options but they have crafty pricing

Honestly, my wife and I have had a TalkTalk line for a few years as they have an excellent international calling add-on. We've never really had any problems with them but due to the way they market their packages, when I called and asked them to remove the broadband and give us phone only, I was told the two can't be separated because the ADSL broadband is "free" and the line alone would therefore be more expensive than the phone and broadband.... riiiiiiiiiight!

Plus, when you're already on a tariff with them and the contract ends, they should automatically change you to the cheaper price if the same service is now being offered at a cheaper price. Instead, you'd probably have to call them and "sign up" for a new contract at the new price.


Love this site!

I love this site. It has loads of useful information. The only problem is that sometimes I feel it has too much information... or more accurately, the site designed could be improved somewhat so I don't end up with 10 browser tabs in my effort to come back to the multiple informative links in any one article I'm reading.


Works fairly smoothly for buyers but sellers can be hit hard

PayPal is a very convenient method of payment. It's also convenient and free to send personal funds to persons in the same country. However, PayPal can be a bit expensive for sellers, especially sellers who're already paying through the nose in eBay fees for expensive goods like smartphones and computers. After paying eBay £40 for items £400 or more, there's then the PayPal fees to contend with, even though PayPal is an eBay company.

There should be a reduced fee for sellers who sell through eBay, especially for more expensive goods.

For buyers, the PayPal experience is generally smooth, unless a buyer has to open a case against a seller who didn't provide a good in the allotted time and who is refusing to communicate or respond to the PayPal claims team. In this case, buyers have to wait 10 working days if the seller refuses to communicate before they can get their money back; this is in addition to the 7 days the buyer probably waited already before filing the claim.

Also, I've also thought that a buyer could defraud a seller by claiming they returned an item when, in fact, they just returned some garbage so they can provide PayPal with a tracking number. Likewise, a seller could potentially defraud a buyer with the same "proof". Thankfully, I haven't had any situations like that, either as a buyer or a seller, so I'm not sure how PayPal would deal with a situation like that.

For me to give PayPal 4 or more stars, I think they should shorten the time they give non-supplying sellers to respond to 7 calendar days or 7 working days at the most. Also, they should look at a solution that allows eBay sellers who aren't business sellers with special rates to receive a slightly lower fee so sellers don't just opt for free sites like Gumtree (which, incidentally, is another eBay company last time I checked).

Good Site... except for specials

I've never had a problem with eBuyer delivering my goods on time or as described. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because when they have "specials", they're usually items that I wouldn't even remotely consider buying... it's usually rubbish stuff. Plus, the recently had a £1 sale and most users couldn't access the site.

22 February 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your review.

I am glad you have never experienced any problems with Ebuyer, however, I apologise if the items we provide on our sales are not items you would consider buying. These comments will be passed along as we are always looking for ways to improve our service.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


The Epitome of Rubbish

Whenever HDNL has to deliver my Amazon orders, I have to ask myself why the heck Amazon insists on using them?! They almost always miss the delivery day, even when it is next day delivery. They almost never leave a card and always seem to update their system to claim they attempted delivery.

This company is utter rubbish and I would never use them willingly Avoid these unprofessional, incompetent IDIOTS!

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