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Quality furniture and good service

We ordered a nest of tables online. The communication from point of order to receipt of item was first class, emails, texts etc. The time from order to receipt was amazing, about a week! Much sooner than the anticipated date which was excellent. The quality of the tables is excellent and we are really pleased because they were half price, so it is a real bargain. The delivery man insisted on bringing them into our lounge even though we said no it's ok, and told us the best way to get the out of the box.

So refreshing to get such good customer service in a world where that seems to be a rare commodity these days.


Appalling service and delivery

I would have given them no stars if I could. It would be funny if it wasn't so bad. We wanted a washer dryer as old one no good. Went to store in Basildon. Stood around for at least 15 mins before anyone could help us, and even then we had to grab the ONE guy who was dealing with someone else, and he said he would find someone. Either understaffed or staff couldn't give a monkeys. This youth came along and we heard him saying to this first assistant "well I should be doing this etc" . He REALLY could not be bothered. Basically he didn't say anything, just waited for us to say yes or no to the machine. He didn't offer any knowledge or advice on the product, not one bit. So we decided on one and then went to the computer to order. He could not work the system. Had to go and find the first guy (gone 5 mins). The first guy came back and promptly began to try and sell us the extended warranty, to the point where he was rude, insinuating that we were stupid because we would rather have to buy a new one than pay so much a month. So....as we had no confidence in the youth ("I hate technology!" he cried) we asked to check again about the date for delivery...good job we did, he had done it wrong. So....delivery date arrives. I was on my own. THey DID ring beforehand yes, but it was before the allotted slot, so good job I was in. This guy turns up at door, abrupt, unsmiling (washing machine love, where is it), goes to existing one, pulls out, says he can't put new one in because "a valve needs replacing". It was like getting blood out of a stone for him to EXPLAIN to me that he would not be able to fit it. Offered no advice or explanation, starts walking off, bringing in new one! I phoned hubby and the man did talk to him but no advice etc again. I could not get anything out of him, like a robot. I was in tears. Dumped new one in the lounge, I signed for receipt but I was in floods of tears and he just buggered off. WE had to get firm we use for problems to fit it (funny how HE could fit it no problem( and take old one away. We did get a refund for installation and delivery, but surprise surprise the delivery guy had put on paperwork that it HAD been installed. Cannot believe it.

Where is the training for employees in store? IN the old days you would get an assistant who KNEW somethign about the product. No offence but the store is full of youngsters looking gormless. And where are the basic MANNERS for delivery people? The product itself is fine, but we will never shop here again after this experience. The washer we got before this one was from Currys, and that time the delivery man came up with some excuse too, but we didn't think it could happen again. DON'T shop here if you can help it.

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Pet Supermarket

Perfect cat flap

although this is called a "large" cat flap I would say unless it's a kitten it is good for any cat, large or small. Nice and big for cat to look out on, very quiet and the 4 lock mechanism is easy to use and gives you all the options. If your cat is out but you want him in to stay, you can set that. If you just want him in, you can lock both ways. If he's annoyed you and you want him to stay out when he goes out, you can do that! (only joking!) Easy to clean and easy to fit.

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