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New Car-discount

Too good to be true?

I saw the price of a Mondeo Estate Titanium X and fell for it immediately. It was advertised on the website as having £9000 off list price. The car I eventually bought as brand new, had been built a full two years earlier. I only found out from Ford's website when I put the chasis number in, that it had likely been sat in a field in Belgium for two years. I found out after taking delivery that Ford had discontinued the Titanium X model and were now using Titanium Business, which was much cheaper and had more kit. So the £9000 discount would actually have been circa £5000 discount on an actual brand new car. Also, the optional extras I paid for are now standard. If a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Now for the real problems, which started with me insisting the car had roof rails. I was told the car had them. Chrome roof rails were listed as an optional extra and not detailed on the car I was buying. NCD said if you don't choose that option you get the standard black finish roof rails. NCD confirmed this with the supplying Ford dealer. I then came across photo's of other titanium X models with no roof rails, so questioned this logic. I was then informed they were wrong and the car would not come with roof rails. NCD offered me some roof bars in leiu of the rails, but as I explained at the time, bars fit to the rails and are no good on their own - plus I already had two sets of bars. I was told I could cancel the order when it was due for delivery, or change the car for an alternative with a different engine, different colour and different spec - not to mention different price. None of the other cars were suitable for me, so I declined to change given it was last minute, finance had been arranged, and deposit paid. The only option I would have had at that point was to cancel, a day or two before delivery.

Next the £1099 I paid for the Sat Nav, with DAB radio and 4GB SSD card. As the car was two years old, it did not have DAB, or an SSD card. If the order clearly states the extra's paid for have these, NCD should not be able to then say "manufacturer's can change options and we are not liable". The car was two years old, and had the spec built at that time, so to advertise current spec, and charge current price for this option, is misleading. NCD then said there was a batch of 1000 cars that had been built earlier that year and were missing the DAB option. How this relates to my car built two years earlier I have no idea but this was implying Ford were at fault for the DAB and SSD omission. I have since had a radio upgrade that integrates DAB, paid for by NCD. This does not have the same functionality as a DAB fitted radio, as all stations are on one channel, you can not store any channels, and navigating between the different channels requires a great deal of patience and isn't something you can do safely when the car is moving. It also does not have the SSD card advertised!

When they told me the car would be delivered, I was naively expecting it coming on a trailer, as they were also collecting my part exchange. I did not think it would have done the mileage as if it had been driven from Belgium, via Birmingham to my house. Delivery miles of 437 is a bit steep in my opinion, as my last new car had 6 miles on it.

I did not receive the handbooks with the car, the delivery document said missing and to follow. I had to chase this up with NCD a couple of times, who did not get me all the handbooks I needed. I then had to go to the supplying dealer who had put their name on the number plate from Birmingham and they supplied me the missing service book, with the Warranty certificate signed. When I asked for the Radio code, I was told by NCD "They don’t have radio codes anymore as its all in the cars ecu". Quite clearly this is not correct and I now have the radio codes.

I had to wait 5 months for the V5c to arrive and was given differing information, each time I asked, as to when it would arrive, and they then stopped replying to my emails. I had been in contact several times with the DVLA trying to find out how and when I can get the V5c document, but as the car was not registered to me, and the company who sold it me is unwilling to give me a date as to when I would receive it, I felt helpless. I lost faith in this company and would not recommend them to anyone.


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14 November 2013

Reply from Quidco

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your kind review.

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Not as good value as i was led to believe!

Tyre fitter said he could have fitted the same tyres for £10 less each tyre. Left me less than satisfied with blackcircles for the first time. I won't automatically use blackcircles again, but will phone round local garages as well.

05 March 2012

Reply from

Thank you for taking the time to review your recent order – I am sorry to hear that our prices have not proved to be as competitive as you had hoped on this occasion.

Our purchasing department will be investigating your comments as it is our intention to offer our customers our most competitive prices whatever brand or size may be required and I can only apologise if you feel that this has not been the case in this instance.


Don't expect a refund for cancelled orders any time soon

worst company I have ever dealt with. I cancelled my order after reading the small print on FAQ page, ordered a camera on 3 December 2009 for a xmas present. The website had said delivered in 24-48 hours, FAQ said we try and deliver in 30 days, which was no good for my xmas present. The cancellation was accepted immediately, and it said 5-7 days for re-imbursement, but when I followed this up days later was told it could take 30 days to process. Several emails and threats later on 20th January 2010 they email to say payment has been processed and allow 7-10 business days before following it up. The reviews on this site sum up this company, avoid them at all costs.

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