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Never EVER again!

My husband and I ordered a crosstrainer from sweatband. They mess up the delivery 3 times, each time saying they will phone me back or that it is sorted, which they don't and it isn't. Instead of doing their job, they give me the number of the delivery people to call myself. It's the wrong number.
It finally arrives on a day it isn't supposed to. The delivery man informs me they do not take the product upstairs, which is a massive inconvenience as it ways A TON and our flat is on the 3rd floor. We get 2 of our friends to help us take it up. After hours of assembly, we find out it has defective parts.
I call sweatband and they tell me to call the manufacter. I do, many times, and they need to send an entirely new crosstrainer since they don't have spare parts. This means dragging it up and down all the stairs and re-assembling, and I have no assurance that there isn't going to be another defective part.
I would return the stupid thing but after reading these reviews, am totally unsure I will get a refund.

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