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No answer, no flight, no customer service

Bought a Groupon to take a balloon flight with this company. I lost count of how many times I called and left a message with no return call. Then when I finally talked with someone, there were no weekend dates available in this century. Then when I finally scheduled a date to go, and after I woke up at 3:45am and drove over an hour to make it to Temecula in time for a sunrise flight, I arrived to find out the flight was cancelled due to weather. Strange... I saw at least eight other balloons flying in what could only be described as perfect conditions. Fought with both Sunrise Balloons and Groupon to get a refund, in a frustrating but eventually successful battle. But did I get refunded for all the time I spent including the trip to and from Temecula, or the gas I used? Nope. It cost me a lot of time and money to learn what I'm about to tell you: DON'T USE THIS COMPANY.


Great deal on... NOTHING

Got a Groupon for a hot air balloon ride with Sunrise Balloons in Temecula. First off, the deal claimed the value was $199 and the Groupon was for $99. But later I discover that several other companies in the area - all of which have way higher Yelp ratings (Strike one) - all charge about $110 to $140. So the "value" was substantially inflated. Strike two. Called the company to try to redeem and no one answered so left a message. No response after two days. Strike thee. Called again. Voicemail again. Called again, and again, and again. Strike four, five, etc. Finally got a hold of someone, who helped me schedule a flight for a date over a month away because none of the many dates I wanted were available. Another strike. When the fateful date arrives, I wake up at 3:45am and show up at the launch site at 5-something in the morning after driving over an hour to Temecula, No Sunrise Balloons. So I call and - surprise - no answer. When I finally talk to someone, they say they had to cancel due to weather. What? I saw at least 8 other balloons floating through the early morning sky on what could only be described as a perfect day. Were they in different weather? When I contacted Groupon for a refund, they told me that it is the nature of ballooning that sometimes flights cancel due to weather, and I needed to try to reschedule and only if I was not able to reschedule would I get a refund. What about a refund for the frustration, and the gas I used to drive to Temecula? Groupon needs to do a better job of A) choosing the companies they work with B) stating the actual value of the product or service and C) not ripping people off.

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