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worst support ever

sky have some of the worst support I have ever experienced.They out source to india and the staff there usually have no idea what you are talking about, do not read emails properly and reply with utter nonsense most of the time that has nothing to do with your original query.
The Sky broadband is pretty pants as well, their router must be plugged into the master socket and wont work if plugged in anywhere else, which is really in convenient. They will claim this is due to your wiring then though you do not have this issue with any other provider.



This company tried to hijack/transfer my phone line twice without my knowledge or approval. Unfortunately due to the stupidity of my current provider who approved the transfer even after I said no, my phone was down for 2 weeks and all my calls ended up going to someone elses address.
i only give 1 star because I have to.


Always a good service

every time I have ordered from novatech my goods have been delivered promptly and without issue. The one time I had to return somehting they did so without quibble.


good service shame about support

I have generally been happy with O2 service, no major issues, they have replaced faulty handsets without issue, but they are let down by their email/web support, which is outsourced to india and as usual they do not read your emails properly or do not understand and you end up having to repeat yourself several times only to be told they cannot help you and you need to call support.
You really need to call them from the start to avoid this issue as their phone support is email based.
They are however better in every way than Orange or Vodafone.

abysmal lenses, Very disappointed

I paid for the thinnest, flattest most expensive lenses (1.76 double aspheric) and what I got delivered was anything but. They were the thickest and heaviest lenses I have ever had, you wouldn't believe there was any high indexing involved at all. They were at least twice as thick if not more than my old lenses which are a lower index and are not double aspheric.
Even my prescription sunglasses which have larger frames and which I don't like wearing because the lenses are too heavy, are still not as bad as these from ThinLenses.
On top of that they also screwed up the prescription (all blurry) and bent the frames as well, so the glasses were not even usable at all and destroyed the screw heads on the frames so I can't even remove the lenses.
Considering what good reviews they seem to have on here and as they claim to specialise in high prescription I really expected a lot more.

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