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sloppy con artists

Super sloppy company. Rang the morning to make an order. Told payment would be taken there and then, put in the post that morning delivered the next day as I was desperate for it to be delivered on time. Not only do this company not deliver, they kept my payment details, charged more than quoted online and attempted first payment late that afternoon!
To add insult to injury my bank flagged it as fraud payment - he called me the next day at gone 4pm saying that the package got delayed and payment was declined. So I called the bank to see what was going on - found out the higher amount was attempted and flagged as fraud and declined by my bank. I got rather annoyed by the shabby service and decided to go out to the shop and get it as I needed it asap - I email them to explain this, asked them to destroy my bank details and clearly not to charge more than quoted. The director sent me an email saying he was happy not to supply as clearly I cannot afford it!!!!What a horrible company what a lucky escape I didnt do business with this disgraceful organisation. Just horrid. The director is a con man.

City Link

God awful - dont use!!!

Where to even begin with this one. So, ordered a near 900 tv from amazon to replace one that broke. Paid for guaranteed next day before 1pm delivery.

Waited And waited - gone 1pm no delivery. Went online and says its the other side of the uk from where I am !! Call them up 'oh it's amazons fault it hasn't left there warehouse' !!

Call amazon and they say no it's been scanned in at city links depot for delivery !! Promised faithfully it would be delivered the next day - so I spend another unpaid day at home .... Surprise surprise NO tv!!!! What a shocker city link !!

They of course blame amazon again and promise me faithfully it will be delivered the next day .., oh really city link .. Really !!

Of course I cancelled my order and ups will deliver my new tv through a different company.

City link you are a cunch of bunts !!! May your company go into administration as soon as humanly possible.

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Just amazing

There is not much more I can say


thank you for the cheapest products with normally no delivery time and almost always next day

Just brilliant


the worse restaurant on this planet

Honest to god - its has taken me over 6 months to get my complaint answered by this utter crooks.

i have complained for months to get head office which NEVER reply. no once.

I have submitted this complaint to BBC watchdog.

There staff are rude, the food is cold and I am fed up to high heaven of never getting a reply.

Very very angry and upset customer. doubt this will ever be settled.

Just Eat

Theory great - in practice absolutely terrible!

This company need stringing up and shooting!!

The theory works but fails miserably in practice! I wanted to give them a fair go - I am not that unreasonable but deliveries took forever (once over 2 hours!!), the companies they use clearly have no idea about customer service or even hot or nice food. I think its seriously a danger to people's health and the just eat customer services are impossible to deal with and are generally fairly unreasonable with their answers -

its a real shame but avoid like the plague!

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22 February 2012

Reply from

Hello Sarah,

I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Just Eat experience.

We do our best to encourage restaurants to deliver their orders on time or to communicate with the customer if there is going to be a delay. Because all of the restaurants on the site are independently owned businesses this isn't something we can directly enforce I'm afraid.

I would be grateful if you could email me the details of you experience with our customer service team so I can look into this matter and address the issues you have, my email address is

Kind regards,


David Farrer
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