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Good service

Very comprehensive web site and quick delivery. I would prefer next day like many other on-line stores but two day delivery isn't so bad!


My worst online transaction ever - would have given no stars if it was possible

I will never buy from Asda Direct ever again. They differentiate between regular Asda & Asda Direct customers in that an Asda Direct customer has to either talk to people in South Africa or get their quill and paper out to write in to complain. No option to email, which considering they're an online company is nothing short of stupid.

My delivery was late & South Africa kept telling me the driver was around the corner. I wasted two hours waiting in only for the driver, who wasn't a courier I should add but an old boy in a car, to come the next day with no excuse or apology.

What I got was the product at a rock bottom price, the cheapest on the internet but with that came late delivery, being on hold 3 times for up to half an hour and lies - all to save £2 over the exceptional service Amazon offer.

Never again.

Oh and I've emailed Asda (not Asda Direct) about this FIVE TIMES about this only to be ignored. they just do not care about their customers.

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Groupon UK

Offers are a joke - would give no stars if possible

My wife bought a cream tea experience & tried to book it for fathers day only to be declined by the venue on the grounds that 'they were only allowing paying customers to eat there on fathers day' she then explained 'you groupon people don't understand that we don't make money from these offers' !!!

Well it's not my fault that the venue was stupid enough to make a loss & they didn't have any conditions on their offer either i.e. excludes fathers day or bank holidays etc. and the attitude of the venue manager just stank. She made us feel like some kind of second class citizens.

We'll never go there again and we'll never use Groupon either as they wouldn't refund us but only offered us a credit.


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Not worth the bother

I had to chase TopCashBack for my payback as there was no record of my purchase. Not only that but I've had to put the issue on query with them, wait for them to investigate and then wait another 3 months before getting a notification that they're ALMOST ready to pay out, that's a total of about 5 months that I've had to monitor this myself.

If I had left this up to TopCashBack then I very much doubt I'd have ever seen the money....not that I have it yet of course!

It simply wasn't worth all the hassle & I won't be putting myself through this again.

20 June 2012

Reply from Topcashback

Hi Alan,

I am sorry to see that you have been left with a negative view of our site.

Generally, purchases track without issue, but sometimes transactions can fail to track automatically, and in this situation, we require members to lodge a 'Missing Cashback Claim' to enable us to investigate it with the merchant's network.

It does generally take around 2-3 months to resolve Missing Cashback claims, however, as we are reliant on the merchant's network process, it can sometimes take longer and there is little we can do to speed this up, unfortunately.

I hope this has helped, and I hope that we can resolve your claim for you soon.

Top Cashback Support

Mazuma Mobile


Sold my iphone which did have a small crack in the back but I still got the full price for it. Not only that but the money was in my bank 2 days after posting it off. Will use again....

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