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Great programme choice

They pay their staff too much and as for me I don't pay for a TV licence and never will. I watch the iplayer and ITV's player too.
Money is easy come and easy go, that's it in a nutshell. Their programmes however are first class.


Speak with forked tongue

Just a bunch of used car sharks trying to look honest. They will trick you and make up reasons to give you less. If you are not tough then don't deal with them.



I have always found them to be on time and very good at what they do.


We all need a good laugh

Jeremy Clarkson speaks his mind and I like him and he should be Prime Minister!


Cheap carrier but.....

They use subcontractors mainly and I have had two items that I sent out through them that were broken. That was two broken out of four so I'll not use them again. One of the items was really smashed and it must have been thrown hard as it was well packed.

City Link

Very low budget carrier.

Had a few deliveries where goods were damaged. Their warehouses are the pits and usually the staff couldn't care two flying hoots about customers. Always dark and dirty and professionalism is not their motto.


Staff often don't value other peoples goods.

On two occasions I had to leave my laptop there for repair and on both occasions they managed to scratch the laptop lid. Staff should be more careful and be better trained in handling other peoples property. My computer cost me £700! They have good points but for me this issue burns deep!


How do they stay in business?

British Gas customer services don't even know their own price structure and if you read the Which report you'll see. They were the worst company of all. British Gas appear to be giving a good deal but that is far from the truth.
Their boiler insurance cover is too expensive.
As far as I'm concerned they are nothing more than a bunch of rip-offs and I don't apologise. They took my mother for a ride years ago and their monthly debit charge was horrendous. Luckily I caught on to it and they had to return £261 to her. Shame on them!


Tesco have flaws but who hasn't?

I shop there often for organic veggies and their in-house Costa Cafe. Pity they are not more vegetarian friendly. Sometimes I have to look for ages among meat products for the veggie ones and this really annoys me as it shows that they are insensitive to vegetarians. Come on Tesco, Do like you do for the Asians and the Jews, have a section of your store with all your vegetarian products. It would make life much easier and then I can avoid the horrible roasting meat smells!


This company vets its reviews to its own advantage.

I won't shop with Argos again since they refused my review of a TV even after I edited the review to make it a little more favourable. Amazon is MUCH better. Take note Argos, 4 and five star reviews across the board are not doing you any favours!


Great for selling.....but

Hand in hand with PayPal (who I don't like) because I was ripped off years ago and they both ruled against me when it was obvious I'd been cheated. Took them a month to come to their ridiculous decision. There are risks out there but all in all Ebay has its place even though one has to have ones wits about them due to fraudsters and scammers.


Unfortunately too many fraudsters use PayPal

Paypal has to implement strict measures to protect innocent customer on Ebay but this impacts negatively on the seller. I felt a little like a criminal on there as the rules affected my private selling and for what reason? Far too weighted towards the buyer.


Minor reservations

Easy to order. Pricing erratic at times since same item can be priced differently on the site and one has to be aware of that. quick delivery but have to watch out for the sometimes default postage catch as its easy to include paid postage when it's free.


As expected

The seed sprouter was just what I wanted. Unlike some it is not clear or see through which is great for the sprouting seeds. The package came in one piece and I didn't have to return it which is always a relief.


Breath of fresh air

Very helpful and we received what we ordered without a problem.

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