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£11.99 a month?!

Absoloutley terrible. I have dealt with this company twice now and both times they have ceased to crap they are able to be!

The latest time (as the previous story is too long). I took my laptop to PC World to be informed by some 18 year old idiot that it was a problem with my hardrive and that they will be able to do a data recovery on it (the hardrive turned out to be completley broke so they couldnt do this). I then reluctantly sent my laptop away as it was unusable at the time. I was informed (only when i made an effort to contact them) after 10 days of not hearing from them (which is their policy to fix, and return your product to you) that the data recovery was unsuccesful and that they had returned the laptop to have the hardrive swapped, thanks for the heads up guys! The man i spoke to on the phone was an utter imbecile too who 'told' me that; 1) it had taken 10 days to try and do a data recovery to discover the HD was broke, which i find astounding 2) the 10 days policy is not included with data recovery so they have an additional 10 days to return it to me 3) that the predicted date of return he had on the system was some 2 weeks ahead of the time i called them and 4) that if they breached the second amount of 10 days i was eligble to a new laptop - so effectively they wanted me to wait 20 days, to then see if they had breached their contract by not being able to return my product on the second set of 10 days to then ring them and tell them they've breached - to get a new laptop sent to me...which by the way takes an additional 7 days!!!

Fortunatley the breach did not happen as i kept pestering them to get it back asap. HOWEVER i have now got my laptop with not the same operating system on as it had before (because some essential keys do not work) AND MS Officehas not been reinstalled - of which i do not have the disk anymore. SO im screwed - but i cannot be bothered to deal with these people again!


I Appreciate other manufacturers like apple would have a more expensive repair service - but next time i am going to opt for them in the hope that they can restore my faith in repair service centres!

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