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Poor customer service backed up by rude call centre staff

My blackeberry phone which is less than 12 months old and in pristine condition had a black screen, as it was under warranty the local store sent it out for repair, less than a week later a message was sent to me saying it was returned unrepaired as the screen was cracked and damaged by me, the phone was taken into the store in pristine condition and was not cracked at all so clearly this damage has happened in transit between CPW and the repair centre, the call centre I spoke to had very rude staff who are not capable of speaking to you as a customer, very hostile, very rude, very arrogant, and very unhelpful and uncaring, just for anyone else information the "repair centres" they claim to send the items to are no actually third part companies or in fact the original manufacturer, these repair centres are in actual fact just the carphone warehouse, they basically look at the item and decide if the item warrant going back to the manyfacturer to be covered by its warranty. My phone has been cared for and looked after by me, not dropped or manhandled and the original reason for the screen going black was not down to damage and was a fault, regardless of this the car phone warehouse being the Judge, juror and executioner of wether your phone is covered or not get the final say in wether your phone even gets as far as the manufacturer for repair or replacment as is legally covered under the sale of goods act. Sadly I now have to take this matter further by going to trading standards, Its the first time I have used car phone warehouse and it will also be the last, I wont reccomend them, they dont care about you as a person, they only care when they get your money, poor back up care backed up rude and hostile staff.

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