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Last Minute Theatre Tickets? Go Anywhere Apart From Here!

I have used lastminute.com for about four years to book all kinds of things - holidays, comedy events, theatre shows, meal deals, etc. The prices are cheaper than booking direct. But after yesterday, I will never use them again.

About a week ago, I searched for available theatre tickets for the day of my search. The site presented me with a few options. I found a show I wanted and booked it. When I arrived, the show said there were no tickets for me that night but tickets were reserved for me by lastminute.com for tomorrow night. I checked my confirmation and sure enough the tickets had been booked for the next night. I was surprised but I thought maybe I had made a mistake.

Yesterday, I went through the same routine of finding a show on their web site. However, this time I remembered the problem from the last time so I made sure I searched on 22nd February 2012 and when the shows came up I clicked on the box for 22nd February 2012 and made sure I was *definitely* booking for the right date. Imagine my howls of anguish when, after payment, confirmation of my order showed *23rd* February 2012. i.e. the same bug. This time I rang their "Customer Services" department immediately (within about two minutes). They found my order but refused to refund the money I'd spent on the tickets and said there was no possible way what I was describing could have happened and that I 'must have booked for the wrong day'.

I did not book for the wrong day. I made sure I was booking for the *right* day. I sat explaining over and over again (and listening to the agent's rehearsed spiel) and, staring at the evidence before my own eyes as I moved Back and Forward through the web pages, I then told him politely to get lost. I do not know what sort of company refuses to refund when their own software causes a problem, not less when the order was only processed a few minutes prior. I am lucky the tickets only cost £35. If it had been a holiday it could've been far worse. I think their software automatically chooses tickets for the NEXT day if the current day's tickets have sold out. Hence, I will never use them again and recommend you all steer well clear.

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