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1 star is far too high, the choice should run into minus numbers.

I bought a 19" LCD TV that proved to be faulty. Before I bought I contacted customer Service to ask that if I had a problem, could I deal with Currys as the TV was a Curry's own Essential TV? I was told I could so I made the purchase. On returning the faulty item to Currys I was informed that this was not the case, even though the information on their website and included in with the item corollates the employees answer.

Pixmania customer services have been appalling, necessitating in excess of 20 emails in order to get to where I am now - A refund of the item, delivery costs and a partial refund of return delivery costs, why I have only received a partial refund I do not know yet, I expect another 5 emails or more may shed some light on the matter. This has been a battle! Responses to emails are forthcoming but the undertaking of what is promised is not, and when you follow up an email their customer service team do not bother to check the history of the case and ask for the same information over and over.

The laziness and incompetence of their staff is unbelievable and continuously being told something is going to be done without anything happening is infuriating.

I just wish I had done some research about this joke outfit before I dealt with them and I may have been able to avoid wasting so much of my time.....I shall NEVER deal with them again.

27 February 2012

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Thank you for taking to the time to post your review. I am sorry that you had problems with your television and that you were given conflicting information regarding our after sales service. Although we are affiliated with Curry’s, we do not have the same after sales service.
If your television was from our curry warehouse, and was part of our 2 man delivery service, you will be asked to contact “knowhow” for an uplift number in order to exchange or refund the faulty product. For all other aftercare services for faulty products we will organise a return for either a repair or if within the 15 days return period you will be automatically refunded or the product will be exchanged.
I would be happy to review your file, to see why you have not received your full refund. Please contact me on with your order details so that I may contact you directly and give feedback where necessary.
Kind regards

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