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What a curates egg of a company

First off let me say that I have always thought that Talktalk have some good ideas and services but they really can let themselves down. Firstly calling to offer additional boosts to save call costs when the boost would cost more than my total call costs! The real bugbear though is when you have a problem with the line, all starts off well and I can imagine that if they get it sorted first time the process would be pretty slick, the difficulties arise when the problem does not get fixed first time around. Their insistence on going back over the same process from the start each and every time is infuriating, why not pick up from where you have got to! Then comes the matter of the text messages to which you can either only reply with a yes or a no, or even worse when you cannot reply at all. I had 3 texts in 5 days that were no reply type messages telling my problem was being worked on when I had already had the problem sorted out. Talk about a waste of time! There is more but I do not want this to turn in to a rant. They need to get their problem handling system sorted out.


A good starting point

I nearly always start with expedia when I am constructing a holiday and most of the time I can get a good start. I find that car hire can be a bit hit and miss. It is shame that there is no option for rail travel instead of air. What I did find odd was when I had my flights cancelled due to the Iceland volcano problems in 2010 and I needed to get a refund I could not sort it out on line but had to 'phone; obviously everyone was callingand trying to sort things out and Expedia were overwhelmed; it took me 3 days to finally get through and start the ball rolling for my refund. Why when you can do all your booking on line can you not apply for a refund of a cancelled flight? However the good definitely outweighs the niggles.

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