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Not sure how genuine some of the reviews really are!

I always look on Trustpilot before making a purchase on any MAJOR items to see what others are saying about the company involved and if their customer service is generally good. Things can occasionally go wrong with even the best of companies but how they handle any error is the ultimate test of any company!

I do find the reviews really helpful when making my decision but I have to take some of them "with a pinch of salt". I have found, on several occasions, reviews for some companies seem to be VERY SIMILAR, using exactly the same wording / phrases as each other and ALL by reviewers with just the ONE review each to their name. These "fake" reviews seem to come in batches with several all being posted on the same day (and then gaps of sometimes WEEKS in between until the next "batch" is posted again)!!

Call me cynical but I do think that some companies actually put on their own "fake" reviews to help boost their ratings which ultimately makes a mockery of the review system. I appreciate it is difficult for Trustpilot to monitor all reviews being added to their site so beware and make sure you read a good sample of reviews before making your final decision on a companies online reviews.

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24 March 2014

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Alison,

Thanks for giving your feedback.

I can let you know that making sure consumers can trust the reviews they read is our no 1. priority. As a result we dedicate a lot of resources to this area. We believe that authentic reviews from actual customers are the best reflection of a company's service, and we encourage companies to let their customers review them. Together with our community, we work hard to ensure that reviews are genuine.

We have lots of processes running that constantly scan for suspicious reviews based on a vast number of parameters. In addition, we have a team of community supporters handling all reported reviews as quickly as possible.

If you come across a profile where you are suspicious of a number of reviews, I'd kindly ask that you send an email to our team at so we can investigate.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and for helping us keep our site up to date.

Best Regards,

Broadway Travel

Ok until things go wrong they they just don't want to know AT ALL!!

I have been on holiday with Broadway Travel 3 times now and, when things go ok, everything is fine however everyone always says you don't really know a company until something goes wrong. It is not always what goes wrong but how the company handle it that this a true test of how they feel about their customers and customer service in general. If this is true the Broadway Travel have to be one of the worst companies around!!!!

I booked with a friend to go to Cyprus in February this year. 28 days before travelling I logged in online to add my passport details etc as many companies request these days and immediately noticed that my flight was shown Manchester to Larnaca - fine apart from we have booked to go from Leeds Bradford NOT Manchester!!!! This was the first I knew about the change - great way to find out!

I, of course, contacted Broadway Travel straight away to find out what was going on. At first I was told they knew nothing about this change but would check it out and get back to me. Then I was told they did know about the change and had rung me (no phone call to my phone so not sure who they rung!). As I had made the booking online, and they had forwarded all my travel documents online I ask why I had received no email to advise me (the way I would have expected to be contacted in the first instance) and was simply told that they would, eventually, have got round to doing that (but didn't say when!!). Then I was told there was nothing they could do about it (fair enough they cannot be responsible if the airline changes the flights) but there are ways to deal with this not just a "take it or leave it" which is EXACTLY what they told me!

As, living in Leeds, it was going to cost considerably more to arrange transport to Manchester airport I asked if I would be entitled to any compensation for these expenses and was told no. Again I was told I had the option to cancel the holiday if I was not happy with it. With now just over a week to go until our holiday, having already booked time off work etc it was doubtful we could organised anything else at such short notice so had to accept the changes.

Just before we left I wrote to Broadway Travel expressing my disappointment at the way they had handled the whole situation. This was acknowledge 10 days later and expressed that I would receive a response within 28 days - guess what - I didn't!!

The staff are clueless, the Management are downright rude, and the company as a whole does not seem to understand the concept of customer service at any level. This is a company that I will NOT be using again.


Good quality products and amazing customer service

I have my own small online business and have been using Goodprint for my business cards since I started in 2007 and have never had a problem with them.

The business cards I receive are always good quality. Their re-order facility on their website if fast and efficient. I can re-order in seconds which is amazing and my goods always arrive very quickly.

All in all I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

17 January 2014

Reply from Goodprint

Hi Alison,

Thank you for being a returning customer since September 2007. We are pleased to hear that you find our re-order facility fast and efficient.

Kind Regards
The Goodprint Team


Poor quality goods and even worse customer service!!!!

Purchased items from this company before Christmas. Received auto email confirming order processed and goods would be delivered by 3rd January.

3rd January came and went, no sign of goods. Contacted company who advised me this was only a "guide". When asked when the goods had actually been sent out was told, eventually, that they had not even been despatched!!!

After several rather abrupt and rude emails I was eventually told my items had been posted out via 1st class post. 5 more days went by with still no sign of my goods. A week later my goods arrived with a post date on the packet 3 days AFTER they told me it had been posted!! Incompetent and liars too!!!

After all that waiting around the goods I received were of extremely poor quality. I contacted them and advised I wanted to return the goods as I was very unhappy. I also asked why they had advised me they had posted the items out when they hadn't. Surprise, surprise they have since failed to respond to any further emails!!

Amazing customer service!!

If you want quality goods, delivered on time, by a reputable company then DON'T use


Deliveries great - admin leave a lot to be desired though!

I have used this service several times and all my parcels have arrived on time so no problems there.

The only issues I have had is with their admin / website which was not sending me confirmation emails / invoices every time I booked a delivery online. What should have been a simple solution they managed to turn into a major incident!!!! Their admin did not seem to have a clue what they were doing. Even took it to management level and in the end the only solution they could come up with was it was "my computers fault" - totally untrue (which we did point out to them). In the end we gave up!!

We now you MyHermes (who we get an immediate confirmation from as soon as we place our order) as I really could not be bothered trying to get any sense out of them as I was beginning to loose the will to live!!!

Sage Pay

"Non-Liability Company" Apparently!!!!!

Shame they don't tell you this when you sign up for them!

I have recently had 3 chargeback’s made from my business bank totalling £800 (an amount that a small business like mine cannot afford to loose) and all because I received 3 separate transactions from Sage Pay all showing a "successful" transaction so, assuming they know what they are doing (and would tell me if there was anything "dodgy" about any transaction) I processed the orders and despatched the goods.

All 3 transactions turned out to be fraudulent and the money was subsequently taken back from my bank. When I queried with Sage Pay why I was not warned in anyway that these transactions may not be 100% (it turned out later that Sage Pay where aware they had not passed ALL their credit checks - shame they didn't highlight this for me in their "successful" transaction emails at the time) I was simply told that it is my responsibility to check and that Sage Pay are a Non-liability company!!!!

Yes perhaps I could / should have checked but, assuming Sage Pay, who are the credit / debit card transaction experts (that's what we pay their fee for) were already doing this for us, and sending us a "successful" transaction notification we thought nothing more of it at the time.

I would not recommend Sage Pay to anyone running an online business unless you are also a credit card / online fraud expert yourself because you certainly cannot rely on Sage Pay to do this for you!!!!

Also, perhaps it’s me, but why are 99% of these 5* reviews on Trustpilot first time reviewers? I can only see one other low rating review and surprise surprise that person has more than one review with Trustpilot - like me? Coincidence? Maybe / maybe not - I know what my thoughts on this are!


I have already raised my concerns / issues with Sage Pay, I would not leave a review for a company without giving them the chance to respond first - that would be unfair, and was simply told you are a Non-liability company therefore cannot / will not assist further. Not something you tell your customers when they initially sign up with you is it?

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25 October 2013

Reply from Sage Pay


I understand you have raised your concerns via our Support team.

Cover for chargebacks is provided via your merchant bank through 3D Secure.

We do have various fraud prevention tools and would be happy to offer you advice or assistance in setting these up if they are not already active on your account and/or to review them with you.

Our Fraud Prevention Guide is available via

We're available 24/7 and should you want to discuss anything further with ourselves drop us an email via

Sage Pay


Free, Simple Returns - Think they are having a laugh!!!

I ordered 2 medium sized t-shirt for my son but when they arrived there was NO WAY that they where medium. I emailed them and asked if I could return them on their "Free, Simple Returns" to exchange them for large.

It took THREE emails before I got an answer. When I eventually got a response I asked for their Free returns address and was advised they didn't actually have one. I had to return the t-shirts to their standard address and enclose a copy of the postage paid (which I had to pay initially) and they would process a refund! When I pointed out that I would need to bag and seal the package BEFORE I got to the post office so they could work out the postage by weighing it etc and asked how I was supposed to put the receipt in a sealed bag I got no response!!

I sent the t-shirts back, at my own cost, and 8 days later got a despatch email saying my replacement t-shirts where on their way. After 5 days, and no t-shirts, I emailed them again. This time I got a further automated email, by return, saying my t-shits had been shipped! I AGAIN emailed them to ask them to confirm if my order had actually been despatched as I had received 2 emails, 5 days apart, one saying Despatched one saying Shipped (I'm still not sure what the difference is??). I was told the 2nd email was the correct one and they had no idea why I had received the first email.

After their appalling service I decided it just wasn't worth trying to claim my postage back - if they cannot handle simple shipping then I didn't stand a chance with a more complex issue of a refund.

So much for FREE, SIMPLE RETURNS. Their site clearly needs to be updated - this is highly misleading!


Now you really are having a laugh!!! I put this comment on nearly SIX WEEKS AGO including the option to forward the comment to you and it has taken you this long to offer any reply / response???
Thanks for the refund offer but NO THANKS. I was never after a "freebie" I was simply letting people know what to expect if they order from you. I think with your further SIX WEEK respond you have answered that for yourselves.
Why don't you try offering good customer service from the very beginning instead of refunds? THAT is how you get good recommendations and repeat customers not by bribing them with freebies???
Great customer service once again Chargrilled - well done.
This is one customer who will NOT BE A REPEAT CUSTOMER!

08 July 2013

Reply from Chargrilled

We are very sorry to read this review and can only apologise for the service you received. We would like to offer you a full refund for your order. If you could please email with your order ID, we will refund your card straight away for the full value of your order and any expense.


Poor cars, poor service, and thief's too!!

The minute we walked into the showroom we where pounced on by a sale man. We told him several times we where only there to look and did not intend to buy but that made no difference.

Our downfall was when we took an interest in a Renault convertable. From that moment on we where badgered, harassed and relentlessly persued by the saleman. Yes we had a free will, Yes we could have walked out but we tried to be polite and not rude (we should have been) and eventually after FOUR HOURS we signed up for the car !!!

We where promises a full 124 point check, additional warranties, and that the minor scratches we had found etc would ALL be sorted by the time we picked the car up.

Surprise surprise when we went to pick up the car NONE of this had been done. The Manager was called and assured us he would personally oversee the work and so we arranged for the car to go back to them the following week. The work was supposed to take half a day but they rung us late in the afternoon saying they had no finished and needed the car an extra day. 2 days later we picked the car up and everything did look good. The following day, when in town in the car I pulled into a car park and opened up my glove box to get some change from my "parking purse" (a little childs purse I keep in my glove box with a few pound coins for parking meters) to find it was missing - and so were THREE CD'S! I contacted Carcraft immediately to let them know and was told straight away that ANYONE of the staff had access to my car and that there was nothing they could do about it!! I considered contacting the Police but thought they had better things to do than investigate the theft of 3 CD'S and about £8 in coins - wish I had now!

About 6 months later, totally unhappy with the car, I sold it - at a BIG loss. Put it down to experience and vowed never to visit Carcraft again!

Last month I received a phone call from a salesman at Carcraft telling me that it had been a while since I bought my car and would I be considering a change of vehicle in the near future because they had some great new deals in. I immediately told him that I had already sold the car, that Carcraft where thieves, and that I would never use them again. I asked for all my detailed to be removed from their system and he assured me he would do that. About 3 weeks ago I received a phone call from ANOTHER saleman at Carcraft trying to sell me a car again. I told him I had already asked for all my details to be removed from their system and asked why he was ringing me - he said he was not aware of any previous calls but assured me he would remove my details. Guess what - last week I received ANOTHER phone call from Carcraft, this time from their Sales Call Centre. Again I said I wanted my details removing, again I have been assured they would - we will wait and see.

Liars, thieves and stalkers - and they are the good points!!

Avoid at all costs.

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They couldn't care less about customers!

My son was on Orange contract which was due for renewal at Christmas so we upgraded his phone and took out a further 2 year contract with Orange as he had been quite happy with them.

The first problem started when he tried to get access to his "swapable" which Orange where giving free with the particular contract he was on. My husband works in IT and my son is very savvy with mobile phones but neither of them could get this swapable to work. We phoned Orange and where promised a call back - they never did. Over the course of 2 weeks through Christmas and into January we where given so many reasons / excuses why it could not be connected - no 2 answers where ever the same. We were promised call back on 4 separate occassions - we never received one! Eventually my son went into a store at Carphone Warehouse who sorted it out for him.

In March this year I then received 2 separate letters, with 2 separate account numbers, from Orange telling me that my contract fee was going to be increased - as I have only ONE account in my name with Orange (the one I have for my son) I was very concerned about this. This is where the REAL problems started.

It took a total of 8 phone calls, 3 promises that a Manager would ring me back (none ever did), 2 emails - both returned saying their system was being "upgraded" and they could not response by email at this time (it didn't tell you this until after you had spent a considerable amount of time composing, and sending, your email first!!) to discover that because I had asked for my sons mobile number to be transferred over to his new contract, which they did, their system had somehow managed to default another mobile number to his old contract and I was actually paying TWO contracts - and had been since January!!!! They offered NO explanation, NO apology, NO compensation.

Customers are clearly an inconvenience to Orange. Yet another company who has got "too big for its own boots" and doesn't give a dam about you as long as they are getting your money.


If your company needs a reliable service don't use Paysend!!

A few months ago I used this company as they where offering one of the best prices for courier service - I soon realised why they where so much cheaper because it really it true that you "get what you pay for".

I got no acknowlegement of my order, nor an invoice (which their systems says you will received within 5 to 10 minutes after placing your order). By 3.30pm and with no sign of a courier to collect my parcel I emailed them - no reply. At 5.00pm I rang then on an 0871 number at 10p per minute! An asian lady who spoke NO English answered the phone. I tried several times to tell her what the problem was but after 5 minutes (and 50p of my money) I gave up. I emailed the company again to tell them to forget it and refund me my money as I needed to get the parcel to my customer asap - funnily enough I got a response within 5 minutes to that email!!!! Just saying sorry, not how they normally work and hoped I would use them again.

Today, several months later, I decided to give them another go and have had EXACTLY the same thing again. No confirmation, no invoice etc for several hours after placing my order. I emailed them again and this time I did get a reply - advising me my order had been placed to be picked up by UPS tomorrow! My collection was for today - my customer is expecting her order tomorrow! I emailed them straight back asking for confirmation of pick up - today or tomorrow? AGAIN I got no reply until at 5.55pm realising there was no chance of a pick up today I emailed them to say I wised to cancel my order and wanted a refund. Surprise surprise I received a response within 5 minutes again (seems you only get a response from this company when you tell them to cancel and issue a refund).

I asked why my order was down for collection tomorrow when it was needed for today and was told it was an "internal problem without going into details"? What does that mean?

As a small business my reputation means EVERYTHING and I cannot afford to let my customers down like this - unlike Paysend.

Nightmare company - if you value your reputation and want / need a reliable courier service avoid Paysend at all costs.



Whilst searching on line for the best price for a Citroen C4 we came across allbrandcars.

At first we were a little reluctant to purchase a car on line without even seeing it but the prices of their cars are amazing. The model of car we were hoping to purchase was at least £1,000 cheaper than any other we could find for a comparable vehicle with any other dealer. When they offered us an excellent price for our part exchange car too this sealed it for us.

The arrangements where made and within a week our new car was delivered to our door, and our part exchange taken away - we didn't even have to leave our sofa (other than to check around the car on our drive when it arrived).

The car is perfect, the deal was amazing, and the customer service is second to non. For anyone thinking about buying a car on line but not too sure I would suggest you give allbrandcars a go - I doubt you will regret it.

This car was for my husband. My car is due to be replaced next year and I know where I will be going for my replacement.

Owners Direct

Owners Direct - one of the most unhelpful companies EVER

We booked a villa in the Algarve in Portugal - P3080 - for our summer holiday this year through Owners Direct. It is the first time we have used this company and it will most definitely be our last!!

We choose this villa for its secluded location as privacy and relaxation are our top priorities for our annual holiday.

The villa was actually quite nice but the main problem was the owners who “lived nearby”. This villa is clearly their own house that they rent out in summer and while that meant the villa was very well equipped it also meant that the owners where reluctant to leave us alone!! We booked the villa for 10 days and during those 10 days we saw the owners FIVE times - so much for a relaxing holiday!!

There where several things advertised which where clearly not correct. They advertised a sun terrace for private sunbathing – the gate to this was locked. When we asked about the terrace we were told it could not be used because of a new roof? A Wii was advertised for “family fun” – there was a Wii in the villa but NO games so it was pretty pointless. Weekly changes of linen and towels were advertised but we did not get this either. The owner promised us a welcome pack but, once again, this was never given. On our return home we double checked our emails to make sure we had not dreamed up this offer of a welcome pack (we hadn’t) so contacted the owners to ask them. They initially denied the offer but then, after being sent their own email, said they would refund us £20 – we never got it.

We contacted Owners Direct to tell them of the issues we had at the villa, including the incorrect listing for several items which we never received and, like others who have posted here, they told us that they were simply there to advertise the properties for the owners and would NOT get involved in any issues between the owners and the renters – they are happy to take the money for the listings but then wash their hands of any other involvement – great customer service!

We have been renting villas, all over the world, for the last 7 years from Europe to the USA and have NEVER had a problem until we choose Owners Direct.

I did ask Owners Direct why they did not have a “review” section with each listing so that people could see what other holiday makers thought of each property before they made their decision to rent, or not (this is something that most other villa rental companies offer) and was told it is something they are thinking about! I know what my review would have said if I had the option to add one – perhaps that is why they won’t add a review section because they know what will happen!!!!!!!!!!



I have used this site for several years now and have never had a problem.

Their site is easy to follow and their search facilities are fantastic.

On the rare occasion I have had to cancel / return something to them they have been extremely helpful and the whole process has been completely hassle free.

Cannot recommend this company highly enough. Perhaps sites like EBay and Argos should take a leaf out of Amazon's book :)

Virgin Atlantic


Flew to Florida with my husband and 3 children last year using Virgin - NEVER AGAIN!!

Their plane was "tatty" to say the least. 2 of the TV screens did not work properly. 3 out of the 5 seats did not have a night pack (blanket, pillow etc) and when we queried this with the staff they said they had run out!! Surely they know how many seats they have on each plane???

The flight back was very similar - again one of the seats did not have a night pack and there were no spares. This time while all the TV screens did work one of them had a dodgy sound system and if you moved around on the seat you lost the sound altogether.

We asked about the gaming consoles for the children that their beautiful glossy brochures said were available on long haul flights but were told that these were only on "selected flights" and surprise surprise they were not available on the 9 hour Florida flight!!

We had pre-selected our seats so that we could sit together but when we checked in at Orlando airport for our flight home we were told our seats had been allocated to someone else and that we had to sit apart - for a 9 hour + flight with 3 kids this was a total nightmare.

When we returned to the UK I wrote to Virgin customer services to let them know about the problems experienced and to ask why our pre-selected seats had been given to someone else but the answers were "vague" to say the least and we were simply "fobbed off".

Their planes are poor, their air stewards didn't seem to care and their customer service department doesn't give a dam!!

One company I will NOT be rushing to fly with again in a hurry.



EBay can be very good - as long as you don't have a problem. The minute something goes wrong and you have to contact their customer service THAT'S where things go wrong.

Over the years I have had to contact EBay customer service a few times and have NEVER been happy with the service. If you go on live chat they don't seem to have a clue what they are doing and take an absolute age to answer every time you ask a question. I have been on live chat trying to resolve things for up to 2 hours at a time (probably because you wait around 10 minutes in between each question before you get an answer!!).

The emails to customer service are not much better. They tend to send you standard "cut and paste" answers - not really reading the question you have asked.

The only way to get ANYTHING done at EBay is to ring them direct - even then they are hit and miss.

Shame about the customer service otherwise a good company

Evolution Slimming


Ordered on 4th Februrary. Got email on 6th to say goods despatched. A week later - still no sign of my order so I rang their customer services who said the despatch email was incorrect but that my goods had been despatched that day, Monday 13th February.

Now 25th February - STILL NO SIGN OF MY ORDER. Have emailed customer services 4 TIMES and got NO response.

Beware of this site - appears they take your money, send you nothing, and then ignore your emails asking why!!!!!

01 March 2012

Reply from Evolution Slimming

Dear Alison,

I am sorry to hear that you have been dissatisfied with the service you have received from us. There must have been a problem somewhere along the line, for which I apologise, this would not be how we would normally operate. If you wish to discuss this further please contact us at and a member of staff would be more than happy to resolve any issues you may have.

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