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Yodelling it's way to incompetence!!!

I ordered goods from Sports Direct. When they hadn't arrived in a timely fashion, I logged onto their website and tracked the order. I discovered that apparently a delivery attempt had been made and that the goods were now lying in the Yodel Aberdeen depot awaiting further instruction and had been for 4 further working days following the delivery attempt. They claimed that a calling card had been left at the first delivery attempt. The property was occupied at the time and date claimed for the delivery, the front door bell is fully functional and no calling card was left, which would suggest that no delivery attempt was made!
I then called Yodel directly through their 10 pence per minute customer services line. It took over 20 minutes to get through to them which equates to around £2.50 to £3 including the conversation time. (Getting paid for being incompetent? This is some country!) I spoke with the customer services gentleman and once he had found the tracking information, I suggested that I pick up the package from their depot. He informed me that without a calling card, the depot wouldn't release the package to me and suggested a redelivery the next day and suggested I provide an alternative delivery address. I provided the address of a neighbour who as it happens is agoraphobic and seldom if ever ventures out of her house, but who is willing to accept deliveries on my behalf.
Since then, two full days later, there has been no redelivery attempt and the tracking history has not been updated at all!

Latest news is that the idiots have returned the package to Sports Direct in spite of customer services having assured me they would redeliver the package. Absolutely PATHETIC. Sports Direct state that 3 delivery attempts will be made and in this case, ALLEGEDLY, only 1 attempt was made and the package then sat in the depot. No card was left in the first place to inform me that the package had arrived in Aberdeen. I'll be complaining to Sports Direct.

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Many a good deal to be had.

Keep your wits about you and don't lose sight of the price you end up paying. Also watch out for a**holes who hugely inflate the prices of their products in the hope of duping the more gullible buyers who mthink if it's on Ebay, it must be cheaper than elsewhere. Wrong!

Kinloch Anderson

Excellent quality kilt belt.

Having previously bought a kilt belt at the same time I was myself, assembling a Highland Dress outfit, I was not too happy about the quality of the leather belt once I had bought it online. I recently decided to replace this belt and during the search for a suitable alternative, I found the 'Hand tooled Celtic design black leather belt' on Kinloch Anderson's website. While not the cheapest option I have to admit the quality of the leather in the belt and the finish are superb. No more cardboard like imitations, this is the real thing!
Good service too.

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