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Fantastic service from start to finish.

Great price, great website and lightening delivery.


Great service

Sent flowers overseas to Australia. Flowers arrived quickly and were lovely. A great international service.


Old films

Downloaded lovefilm instants and couldn't find a film that had been a hit or made within the last two years.


Couriers are rude

Courier delivers very late, dead flowers to a place which is only open Monday to Friday but keeps trying on a Saturday. Idioitc couriers with no manners and dead flowers. No pride in their company.


Con artists

They put your tariff up in the middle of your contract, but don't improve their service to reflect this. You are stuck in the contract with no way out and no benefits.

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Got there in the end

Bought a bed two weeks in advance when moving and bed was due for delivery a week before I moved so I put it back until the day I moved in. The bed was supposed to be delivered before 4o/c. Well 4o/c came and went and I called dreams, they said the bed is out of stock and could be another month before it was in.They sad the bed was out of stock when we bought it and they don't know why the transaction went through. Dreams said they had tried to call but we had given them the wrong number with one too many digits on it. I looked at my dreams paperwork and checked that i had given them the number. I HAD given them the right number, they had mistaken the pre printed bracket on their forms as a number 1. Well we argued and argued until dreams finally got the bed to us two weeks late and gave us a cheque for £500. It pays to complain and make sure you write to head office or they will just palm you off with petty offers. Demand good service and you will get it. Well done in the end dreams.


Awful customer service

Ordered flowers, they didn't arrive, contacted customer support who told me that it was my own fault for choosing postal delivery. I don't recall being given the choice. I ordered the flowers five days in advance they didn't arrive on the Saturday so had to wait until the following Monday. Isn't it their fault for not posting on time? When my partner opened them they were dead. What a lovely gift of dead flowers. I have contacted customer support twice more and they haven't even bothered to reply. A very poor service Be warned they don't give a damn when things go wrong and don't even bother getting back to you.



They never deliver on time and when they do deliver they throw items marked fragile over my 6ft fence when smash to the ground and I have to send back. If they retain the item I have to travel for miles to pick it up and the opening times are very limited.

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