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Very Poor customer services

had issue with item purchased send 4 emails over a 2 week period and they did not even respond once. Only when I opened a paypal dispute did the reply.

26 March 2014

Reply from CeX

Hi Raja,

I'm so sorry for the lack of communication you had back from us

I hope we can turn this around for you

Sorry for the delays in response

Thanks for the review




Allows fake reviews on the site

see my review for cashmyphone for full details. I used the reviews here to make a decision as a result of which I lost money!!

Whats the point in having reviews if they are fake and made up. Trustpilot need to do more to stop fake reviews!!

I shall no longer be relying on any reviews on here to make my decisions.

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03 September 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Raja,

Thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear that the reviews on the specific company profile page have been misleading.

We don't tolerate fake reviews and based on your and others experiences we are now checking the validity of the reviews from this company.

By doing so, I hope that we can prove that your experience was an unfortunate coincidence so that you again will check up on Trustpilot when researching companies.

Joakim Ditlev

Cash My Fone

Would not recommend

My wife was given an unwanted upgrade by Orange. The unit was Brand new and as we did not have a use for it we decided to send it sell it through many of the recycling sites out there. I narrowed down 3 recyclers who paid an amount I was happy with.
I then goggled for reviews on these recyclers and cashmyphone came up as having the most reviews. So I sent the phone to them and a few days later received an email saying there was a fault with my phone and that it was not brand new, they reduced the agreed price by just over 50%!!
I called them and was informed that’s the way it is, I could not be bothered to argue and reluctantly accepted the reduced price and stated as they were paying me used price I wanted the box and all the accessories back 2 weeks on I still have not received these.

Be careful folks

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Xile Clothing

Fantastic company

I have used the a number of times and found their clothing unique and fantastic.

recently however I had a problem with a returned item, to my surprise their customer service was out of this world.

Great clothing and amazing customer service, I will defo tell all my friends and family about them


Thief's nothing more nothing less

On the 2nd August I went into the Vodafone Ireland retail store in cork and asked if I could purchase a sim card for use in my mifi dongle, as I wanted to use data while I was in the republic and did not want to pay roaming charges.

I was informed the cheapest one they do is 20 euros and it comes with 5gig of data, so I purchased this and was told it would be active in 5 mins. I asked for a receipt for the purchase so I could claim the expense back from my employers.

This was at 9.30 and I had a train to catch at 10.30 , so I rushed to the train station. Once I reached the train station I decided to check my emails but something was wrong as I could not check my emails, instead I got a message saying there was no credit on the sim.

So I called the store, and got no answer just the answering machine, I must have called 30-40 times at different times and not once did they pick up. I left messages explaining the situation and left my number and to date no one has called me back.

I got back into cork late that evening and my flight back to UK was early next morning so I was unable to visit the store. Called their customer services line and have been asked to call back next week.

All in all a terrible experience, customer service does not exist.

Stay away they have done nothing but con me out of 20 euros.

JD Sports

Worst sports retailer there is. buy from elsewhere

Go into store and you are faced with lazy children. So i decided to place order on line. Website crashes 3 times at checkout when paying by credit card so I pay by paypal.

Then I get the payment refunded so I call customer services, took over 1 hour to get through then when I do I find myself speaking to someone else who did not have a clue.

They then tell me that they cancelled the order as I spent to much and the parcel might go missing! They advise me to place order again by splitting into smaller orders but refuse to tell me what size order is ok.

I offer to pay by credit card for order and they can put through order as they want and I am told they cannot do that because of data protection!.

They do not have clue and I have just spent my £600 order with JJB. Customer service and knowledge is pathetic. Stay away they have loads of competitors you can use


Terrible quantity

Order a canvas and revived it only to find that it had not be wrapped around the frame correctly. After informing them it took them 2 weeks to say send it back to them. They advised me to send it back by a freepost service. So out of no fault of mine I have to spend the time buy the packaging, spend time taking into a local post office to send back!! When asked why they cannot arrange collection they replied they only have facilities to accept royal mail.

Yes their prices are cheap but so is the quality of their products. My advise pay the extra and use another company.

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Fast as mazuma BUT with better price

Super Fast payment, sent Monday money was in my bank on Tuesday. They offered the highest price I could find online !!!

One happy customer would recomend to all.

11 March 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Raja, it's good to hear that you had a good experience using Bozowi.co.uk. We make sure we always offer you the best deals possible, and like to make every transaction as smooth and quick as possible.

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