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Recently bought a Japanese Gamecube from this website and it came within 3 weeks, of course I had to pay the customs charges via parcel force but I was so happy with my purchase after an un-successful attempt on another video game importing website.

I will be returning here in future to make my import purchases!


My favourite computer supplier

Whenever I think of getting a new computer I always think of Dell first as I have always liked their products and unlike some other companies they actually send you the Windows disk which can be crucial if something ever goes wrong (which in my case it usually does!)

Most of the computers I have bought from them always had a factory image in the back-up software which is basically click and go to restore your computer to factory settings. The only downside is not all the drivers are pre-installed so it can take some search engine looking to find the drivers that you need.

I would always recommend people to look at a Dell first if they are considering buying a computer or laptop.


Good site for info

I always use IMDB when looking for information on films, however I do think that you shouldn't take all the user reviews so seriously as some are just biased.


Poor quality but you get what you pay for

I worked for them in 2007 for 4 months and they tell you how they don't buy from child sweat shops in foreign countries but staff that were opening boxes of clothes said they had bites from insects on their hands.

The shop was terribly unorganized and most of the staff didn't have a clue what they were there to do. On top of that a supervisor lost her temper with me because I asked her what should I do, after being sent from another floor that had no jobs for me to take care of, bitch.

After working there I really had no interest in shopping there but my Mother always informs me of how when she gets something from Primark it always seems to fall apart after the first wash.


We pay them, but do they reward us?

Don't really watch much TV but BBC 3 is good for comedy, especially Family Guy of a weekend! EastEnders is utter trife on the other hand, how on earth this crap is still broadcast is beyond me.

Radio 1 is good for the essential mix once a weeks and the specials from clubs and festivals, but after its recent sell out to dub-step I don't think I would bother listening any other time than when the essential mix is on.

I think that if we are paying for a TV license then the public should have more say on what is broadcast.



I was with O2 for years on PAYG, never had any problems.

When I decided to get a contract with them (sim only) I never had any problems until I wanted to cancel which they never did and charged me for about 5 months worth of service even though I had told them I wanted to cancel!


Value for money airline

I always book flights to Ibiza with Easyjet as they fly direct from Liverpool and the service is usually good, the airplanes aren't tacky and the staff are usually helpful and well mannered.

Probably don't use this site as much as I should

A website that I have never had any problems with, free delivery and a good service all around!


You can buy a pizza but it won't be a Domino's

Always loved their pizza, the stuffed bbq crust is a letdown however.

Ordered some pizzas recently with side orders and we waited 20 minutes for it to be delivered only to discover the driver forgot to bring the side orders! Wanted to phone up and complain or at least get some money off but it's a bit risky seems as they are handling your food.


Not as good as it used to be

It was ok for networking when I first joined in 2007, now it's just a market place where its users are the product being sold, plus lots misleading requests that often lead to viruses and your account being hacked. Mr. Fuckerberg doesn't really seem to be interested in making it any better and the Facebook iPhone app is a piece of shit, you think with the money he's reeling in he would get things like that sorted.



Always use Google as my search engine and recently migrated to g-mail which seems a lot more secure than Hotmail. However I think YouTube has gone down the pan since Google bought it.



Slap all kinds of charges on you for various things including CHECKING IN ONLINE!! 6 quid for printing a piece of paper? Oh and not to mention £50 for a 15kg suitcase!! Fucking robbing bastards.


Wouldn't go as far to say paypal is safe...

I have been using Paypal for about 6 years and I am on my second account because my first account had been accessed by an unauthorized source which tried to sting me for $700!! Funny because I live in the UK and barely ever buy things from the USA! The transaction was always stated as "pending" and they did notify me straight away about my account being accessed yet it could not be resolved as the case number did not exist?

Recently I noticed that my account had reached the sending limit in which I had to verify my account to continue to send and receive money but I couldn't register my bank account because the details were in use by my old account that I deleted almost 2 years ago! I phoned Paypal CS about the issue and the only way i can resolve this is to send them a statement from my bank as proof I own the account. I fully understand why have to do this but I don't get why my bank details have been stored but my account has been closed.

On the other hand the CS call centre employees (I called them on 2 occasions) were very helpful at helping me resolve the issue.

I would recommend anyone who would like to use the service to create a secure e-mail account just for use with Paypal to avoid scammers/hackers from trying to access your account.

Mainline Menswear

Reliable site

Ordered a few times from here, never had any problems and usually received items day after purchase.

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