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Security Warehouse

Rude, awful service. Avoid at all costs

After receiving a faulty product, I jumped through all the necessary hoops in order to get a returns number. After this, it turns out that I couldn't get the item swapped, as it takes time to have the faulty item tested before a refund can be issued. I decided to buy another one and wait for the refund to be processed. Big mistake. Security Warehouse claimed that we had "broken" the item and refused to refund it. On top of this, they were also extremely rude and unhelpful.

They are not even an authorised reseller for the item in question, so needless to say, I won't be returning to them and the matter will have to go to small claims court for settlement.

17 June 2013

Reply from Securitywarehouse

Dear Susie,

I am sorry you feel that we at Security Warehouse have let you down on this particular order. We will endeavour to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.

We received the item yesterday 13/5/2013 with the correct RMA details attached. Our Tech support preliminary tested the unit and found that it was not fully operational. It was then sent to the manufacturers for verification of this fault.

Normally when we have a confirmed faulty part we send a replacement and swap the faulty unit. However I believe your colleague preferred to collect another unit from our trade counter on the same day so you could return the other unit at a later date?

However as we have received this part and deemed the part to be faulty we have processed your refund as of 16:20 today 14/6/13.

Im also very sorry you feel we have been unhelpful and rude to you as this is far from our intention. We always strive for excellent service.

Customer Relations


Worst company in the world!

If I could give them minus stars I would. I have never in my life dealt with such a hideous company.

I've been with them two years. In the first year they billed me twice, despite me chasing them monthly. I was worried about being left with a huge bill so I always called and asked if I could make payments. They wouldn't let me and said I needed to wait.

Of course, 2 days before Christmas in 2010 they landed me with a £1000 bill and demanded I pay within 10 days.

I called, I emailed and got nowhere so I wrote to the Ombudsman. This took over 8 months and during that time FU didn't bill me. Again, I called them monthly and still nothing.

They now claim we are using £525 worth of gas/electricity a month in a 3 bed detached with 2 adults. It's insane and they won't communicate with me.

I am now left with a huge debt (I never, ever have debt and have an excellent credit score) that is incorrect so I am stuck. I can't move companies unless I pay them £000's I don't owe and they've now said I have 10 days to pay or it's being sent to debt collection and this was stated in their "apology" letter.

So they can mess me around for 2 years but I get 10 days.

Please, please no one use them. They are truly hideous. They are the bane of my life!

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