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Semichem Ltd

Took my monies but still no products and no reply to emails!

Absolutely awful company! Have tried to contact them so many times. They have no phone number and their form of contact by email is rubbish. They dont reply. Spend your monies elsewhere!


Great store

Love this store.


I only use this store when puchasing from a shop!

I had puchased more than 10 items in several months. All of the items were clearly fake. I had to then send them back after informing Ebay. A lengthy process and at a cost to myself as I had to foot the postage for all items. Be very careful buying designer items.


Great products like topshop but way cheaper!

Love this shop. It has gotten way better over the years, with more sales and easier returns of goods.


Competitive prices and fast delivery!

I placed my order and received it packaged properly, but with a small leakage of shampoo. I would use this company again as they stock the kind of products I like. They also have a sister company The natural collection which looks the same.


Again less than 1!

This is the same company as Yodel. And both are truly rubbish. Nothing on time, damaged in transit, missing, and also the courier saying they called and no one was there, when I had deliberately waited in.


Less than 1 star!

I wish companies would stop using this company. Goods always arrive damaged, late or both. I have had this courier company deliver more than 15 parcels within the year, and have had nothing but problems. Even tracking systems dont work. Businesses should switch to <external link removed>. I have had them for years, and as of yet no probs.



Love this site. Have saved heaps.


Been conned twice by this company!

Shopped in store for tuna. It had in big writing two for £1. Had been charged £1.50 for two. In three weeks I had bought well over 200 cans as the £1 deal meant it was supposed to be 50p per can not th 75p that I ended up paying. I had put my faith in the company as I could see that some discount had been applied. But today the math did not add up. Went in store and was not even offered compensation but did manage to get most of my monies back that I had lost which worked out enough for a weeks shop. it seems like morrisons always have deals which are not honoured at the till. Last year at the same store I bought 10 litres of kelly's ice cream. It was on buy one get one free. They charged me for all the so called free ones so I had to call the manager to sort out their problem.
Do check your receipts carefully

Monster Pet Supplies

Great company but poor courier service!

I initially waited a lot longer than anticipated for my order, and then when it arrived (on two different days as a split delivery) I was devastated that one sack of dog food had been damaged. But it was the way the company handled the situation and the way they genuinely cared about me as a customer and were sympathetic to problems experienced by myself. I will give this company another chance and hopefully the delivery will be good.

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