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Everytime ive used them never really had a problem. the only minor problem i had was that once i ordered a product and selected express delivery and was guaranted next day however it never came next day. Then i placed another order the next day and selected standard delivery and somehow the standard delivery arrived first :S. Delivery did turn up eventually. Other than that all my other orders ive been pretty happy with.


Phones really expensive!

If you are looking for a new phone. Not a contract! Dont go there phones are way to expensive. I was looking for a htc titan and thought that carphone warehouse would be a good option since i wouldnt have to wait . Obviously not! The phone alone was £499 !! I could not afford that. Went on the internet when i got home and it was as cheap as £280 on the web. So how much must carphone warehouse be adding to the price of their handsets, thats a whole £200+ Saving.



i ordered a sex and the city box set for my mother two weeks before christmas, i was guaranteed christmas delivery however this never happened. i rang up and complained in early january and was told an email should have been sent telling me the item was out of stock but this was never sent, then a few minutes after complaining an email is sent to me telling me the item is out of stock i mean what the f****. The shocking thing is that it turned up 27th february.

That is ridiculous no wonder theyre losing money with service like that. The worst i have ever used and i will never use them again awful !


Good and bad

First of all, as i am a system builder i find that many of hardware products on sale at pcworld are a tad out of date. They continue to sell motherboards and processors that are of the last generation... and they're not cheap. However i believe they are the best place for network items as i found the staff were quite helpful on this particular area (for once).

The staff havn't got a clue what items are for sale. The website advertises offers and says (store collection or whatever it is) you go there and its like the offer never existed. Also product knowledge is a must when it comes to the computer market as there are so many products, i can understand that the average person may not know much but you would expect staff in "pcworld" to be well educated in the computing industry, well as proved this is very untrue in pcworld. I once went and asked if they had any modular power supplys and the guy didnt have a clue and said he's never heard of it when actually (which i found myself) they did sell them!!!! Please be aware that if you go and ask about an item you require for your system they will often show you something that is completly incompatible with your computer. If however your a newbie and are looking to buy a complete system or laptop then yes its probably the easiest place to go.

Also the amount the staff try and sell you at the till and how pushy they are is crazy, " do you want this, no , are you sure, no, but it makes sure you.., NO!!!!!", its all useless stuff anyway!

For decent service find a local computer shop. But if your not computer literate and need a full pre made system its the best place to go

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Fantastic !

i have placed a few orders over the last few weeks and the service has been fantastic. I placed an order on friday at around 9:30 Pm which consisted of some fairly large items, ticked saturday delivery and got it , the following morning. No fuss, no issues which i have encountered before with other sites. Brilliant i will be using you again for sure !!

28 February 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

We would like to thank you for your positive review and for your comments about our service.

I am glad your delivery arrived so quickly as we pride ourselves in our fast delivery service.

Our Customer Support Team are always happy to help should you require any future assistance.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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