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When they're good they're good but when they're bad...

I pre-ordered 'VFR Scotland scenery for Flight Simulator X'. I had been waiting eagerly for its release since 2009. The release date (which was solid according to Playhorizons, the developers) came and Gameseek sent me an email stating that the manufacturer had put the date back one month. "This sometimes happens, sorry for the inconvenience" said Gameseek. I contacted Playhorizons and their admin guy (Phil Smith) informed me this was not the case and the product had been released on the release date. Phil Smith contacted Gameseek and then advised me that the matter had been rectified (this info is available on Playhorizons Forum). I then contacted Gameseek by email, no reply. I phoned and to my surprise, the phone was answered. They seemed very helpful, informing that (RE their contact with Phil Smith) they were to receive copies that very day). I said thanx but days later I find myself still waiting by the letter box and their site still claims an Aug 31st release. Others are enjoying this release while I sit here with nothing. Any company can offer the lowest prices if they don't have the stock in the first place. I thought pre-orders meant a company needed to have the stock to supply customers on the day of release.



They sounded like a good solid company, but waited a month, no goods, they stopped replying to my emails when I started to inquire about the parcels whereabouts, which courier is delivering it, etc. I went to my bank and complained, some good news, I got a chargeback for the £270 (January 22 2010). This seems like a terrible company, I would advise anyone, tell your bank, I used a Visa debit card so I was covered, you do need to tell the bank fraud squad within 120 days. But I'm buying my goods elsewhere.

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