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Stoneacre Motor Group

Avoid at all costs!!!!!

When I received the car from Stoneacre Hull it came with the log book, mot certificate (that stoneacre had done) and SPARE key. No manual or service history or proper key. The car never had a description and so stoneacre 'couldnt see what the problem was' (their words!) and that they could possibly '5 finger discount' a manual IF another car like mine came in. Shocking. Also the bumper they said would be repaired (slight dint and scuff) before being brought to me has simply been resprayed ... dint and bumps still evident. Again, stoneacre couldnt see what my issue was! I have been in touch with trading standards and, stoneacre head office and also complained to barclays (stoneacre got me a loan through them). 100% of all my calls to stoneacre have never been returned!!!!! The only time I received a call was when head office told me to ring them as they wanted to sort the problem out (after Barclays had been in touch with them!) and the guy I had to speak to was busy and then rang back. When he did call back he tried to fob me off by saying he would get me another spare key ... I dont want another spare key I already have one! He then claimed to know nothing about the manual and bumper. I have since been told a key has been ordered, they have a manual for me to and will take my car in to sort the bumper out when I go to collect them. This was a few weeks ago, I have called Stoneacre many times and no one will speak to me, one guy who was supposed to chase up the key order only spoke to me when I refused to give my name (after calling 4 times!) and then knew nothing, I had to tell him how to do his job by asking him to speak to the parts department! He was useless and I spoke to the parts department myself ... who said there was no record of an order and to speak to the sales manager. I have tried to call him 4 times today, every time i was fobbed off and no call back. Since the nights have got lighter I have noticed another major problem, swirl marks alll over my car!!!! A VERY poor polishing job, I have never seen anything like it! As my car is white it is diffcult to see in low light. Also noticed scratches to the inside of windscreen. The list just seems to be growing and I feel Im getting no sort of customer service whatsoever from Stoneacre. I have seen that someone tried to sort this through Barclays but to no avail, may need to go to financial ombudsman. I just want it all sorting, its been nearly 2 months now! I would never recommend this company to anyone, not even my worts enemy! If I didnt have other things to take my mind off this horrendous situation I would just cry as its so frustrating!!!!

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