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Awesome vaccum!

My wife purchased a Dyson and it really gets the dog hair out of our carpet and rugs! The only thing is that it's a little loud compared to the electrolux we had. But, the performance makes this a non issue.

Awesome gear!


Mark of the beast!

Our FBI is actively pursuing a program that can monitor social networks such as facebook. Not that I have anything to hide, It's just creepy that they monitor EVERYTHING!

Every photo you upload to facebook becomes THEIR PROPERTY!

Take note photographers and videographers!


Always investigate your seller!

Only had a few screwed up transactions here.

PayPal will cover your ass!

Always look at the history of the seller and read carefully!

Best of luck!



If you don't like it, send it back!

Never had a bad transaction here.

If something turns out not as expected, simply send it back!

Had this happen a few times when items were made in china when they said they were made in the USA or europe.

Great place to buy stuff you can't find locally!


Simply Electronics Ltd.

Not in stock Refunded with Pay-Pal! FFF

USA customer. Waited 12 business days before asking about the status and why it had not changed from NEW to shipped.

Standard form mail was sent to me stating that they were "so busy".

I paid with PayPal and you should do this as well if you decide to gamble with this HONG KONG company that pretends to be a UK and US seller. PayPal had my 305$ usd back to me in less than 24 hours.

I found a deal that was only 25 bucks more and it was shipped out the same day with a tracking number and FULL WARRANTY.

These items are imports and will not have a warranty on them. Don't expect to see your item any time soon. I figured 12 business days was long enough to pull the plug on the contract.

It's my belief that they pay people to give them positive reviews. I'm a real person living in the mountains of Montana USA. If I had known they were not a UK or US seller, I would have taken my money elsewhere.

Thanks to paypal, I didn't get screwed. Highly suggest that you use them as well if you decide to gamble. Not sure that they even have anything in stock.

Hopefully you will read this and decide to pay a little more from a reputable dealer. I was a little trigger happy and learned my lesson.

Nick NW Montana USA

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