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Have you ever thought of using If you have then you run a huge risk. I will start at the beginning.

To be a transport provider on Shiply all you have todo is fill in a few questions like your name (Could be Mickey Mouse) and an address (could be a post box and empty house or an old address you have mail diverted from) and wait a few days for a PIN Code.

Hey Presto you are now a transport company...... bidding on moving vunerable people's things around.

Fill in your profile page. Write what ever you like Shiply DO NOT CHECK IT. Insured?? nope.. hmm sorry that was yes, of course i am. Got £50,000 policy mate. Member of road transport federations...nope.... (there i go again negatives) ohhh yes course i am mate. Got'em all. Yep me and me Bruffa have the lot mate.

Ok so you are business now. No Feedback though?????? dont worry. get ya mate to post a job and your sister to . dont have to be for alot money but let a few people bid onit. You bid as well ....... Hey ho you was accepted. Gr8 week later feedback goes on. couple of em. Now ya singing and dancing. Start getting those bids on. do your deliverys and get cash, Not on a thursday though you have to sign on for your dole money..........Mr M Mouse was your name right? well for shiply yep, they dont care. Just keep taking the fees from the customer and you. Robert Matthems (MD) sits rubbing his little chubby fingers. Lovely Jubbly lads keep it rolling in.

Shiply doesnt want the customers to know that they charge the Transport provider though. they tell them they have passed the deposit to the transporter. LIE!!!!!!!!!!!

This is pasted directly from shiply emails to the transport provider

Hi ??? (Censored),

Congratulations your bid on delivery listing (Censored) has been accepted by (Censored)

Censored has already paid a deposit of £7.20, this amount has been passed to you in credit and been used to offset your Shiply success fee. This leaves an outstanding balance of £29.80 which you should collect directly from

So they play on words. they keep both fees.

But will they give the deposit back if the jobs fall through. hahaha whats the Blood out of a stone saying!!!! Good luck...

However theres a way to take some direct action

Write to The managing [name removed]

Ask him directly for your money back. Tell him your experiences have been and ask him to explain why he doesnt ask for any id, do any checks, insurance etc. Past work. Nothing at all. Its a money making excercise.

Heres some bad providers eventually suspended, look what people have said about them. Look how many people have been ripped off let down robbed etc before Shiply do anything about it.​/euroshipper/s=5&np=18​/jose1968/s=15&np=3​/Sprintervansuk/s=5&np=52​/pickpackparcel/s=5&np=23​/el-shifter/s=5&np=20

This is not even scratching the surface theres 100's of them, google shiply provider suspended and scoll down through the vast amount of company's who have had to be kicked out eventually, and look how many complain they cant get their money back, the provider has stolen their goods. the provider has dissapeared with their furniture.

Becareful is my advice. If you do want to use Shiply go in with your eyes open. NEVER pay upfront Always copy their id. take aphoto of the vehicle. Check the tax disc matches the reg plates in case they have nicked them of another van. Remember most of these guys are man in a van. Many are from Eastern Europe. Lot of Thomas's. And what do you if they rob your things or break them??????? Whistle for it. Thats what Shiply will tell you anyway. I hope this has been informative.

PS. theres some very good providers on there as well but if it goes wrong dont look to Shiply to resolve it.

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