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Good products have ethical cost

I have been a long-time apple product user, but am horrified to learn about the recent abuses in Chinese factories. We already pay a lot of money for these products - can't a few cents be spent to provide workers with appropriate and live-saving masks, gloves and other protective gear? It's morally disgusting how little companies value precious human lives, and how much they embrace the bottom line. I would rather switch to a company that I know values PEOPLE, regardless of where they are producers or consumers.


great service

I can really recommend this service; it's efficient and I can (almost) always find what I'm looking for. It would be great if lesser-traveled locations could have discussion pages, with overnight options or recommendations even if no properties are officially listed. The membership deal is great too, after a few visits it pays for itself. Sometimes the search feature can get a bit buggy, but otherwise, highly functional.

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