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This is a very bad seller, I bought a 25l 2.5hp compressor which on un boxing I found had a fault with the main pressure switch, a honest manufacturing fault yes, but the way in witch ukhs dealt with the customer care side of this was disgusting towards the end.

They firstly made contact with me asking me to open up the combined electrical box and air pressure switch and make some basic adjustments which I was not at all comfortable about doing in light of all the numerous warning signs about not touching the factory safety setting of the pressure valve.

However the repair did not fix anything and the switch also began to leak air from inside the main pressure switch and the compressor refused to switch off automatically, and it would never reach full pressure.

I did offer to fit a whole new pressure switch assembly as long as I was compensated for the cost which was rejected probably rightfully due to the compressor being just 1 day old at the time.

Problem after problem and eventually weeks later I still had the compressor sitting in my kitchen waiting to be returned.

In utter frustration I left honest yet negative feedback on ebay
This then unleashed the next offensive from ukhs which resulted in total childish unbelievable behaviour when they refused to accept any more orders from me I can only assume in retaliation for the negative feedback I left on ebay and even going as far as freezing an order for a mig welder I made on Amazon informing me they were not accepting my orders from amazon or ebay despite already taking payment.

i finally got the compressor collected today to return back to ukhs but to my total and utter shock they are not going to replace it or repair it despite having a whole 12 month warrantee left on the compressor and ukhs claiming to have a whole host of in house qualified repair technicians ready to help and handle my warrantee claim,

they have decided to collect my legally owned property and are not going to repair or replace but refund and ban me from buying a replacement compressor, presumably unless I remove the negative feedback.

Out of over thousand amazon purchases and probably nearly a thousand of ebay purchases I have never ever once come across a seller who is so bad and not willing to even try and work things out with the customer until now.

I left the negative feedback on ebay out of frustration yet it was not rude on in any way lies yet they seem to have gone off on one over 1 negative feedback which I was probably willing to remove once the problems was resolved, instead it ended up in a bizarre childish battle resulting in them freezing order, holding back refunds, it is totally utter ridiculous a company like ukhs can behave in such a poor manor towards their customers,

The sad thing is I was always willing to work with them to resolve problems the same cant be said for them.

I am currently a week later still waiting for my frozen order with amazon to be decided or refunded and my faulty compressor is currently wizzing its way back for a refund despite requesting it to be repaired or replaced and not refunded.

Even after all this I still have customer loyalty and am willing to work things out with ukhs if they are willing to talk to me.

16 August 2013

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Hi Russ,
I have spoken with our management team from eBay and Amazon and your case is currently under investigation by our online manager.
Your attempt to order multiple items from us will also be reviewed.

Scan Computers


Lets talk about product range, I am very fussy which computer hardware I am after, I don’t like to be limited or directed to one brand of the retailers choice which seems to be the case with many retailers which frustratingly results in making multiple orders with various retailers to fulfil my requirements and ends up costing lots more in delivery fees, I like to have a choice in front of me, happily I can say Scan have a really fantastic large range of computer hardware to meet the needs of most people and best of all the stock is in stock!

So what about price, I find scan extremely competitive on price, and probably a better all round deal than any other of the top hardware suppliers. Plus the price is “consistently” competitive, their is nothing more frustrating finding a retailer who has say a dirt cheap cpu only to find the motherboard is twice the price of everyone else, so I am back doing multiple orders bumping up the delivery charges, This is where scan are very fair with the constancy of all round prices and that’s what I like to see “playing the game fair! For the customer”

On top of this the daily deals are generous and useful items from the mainstream hardware range which you might actually require, when compared to similar schemes on other retailers super specials etc which is nothing more than a gimmick.

“The jewel in the crown” customer care! Yes this is it I have been buying computer hardware for nearly 20 years from all the well known retailers and I have to say scan has really upped the game with the customer care and they are second to none! They answer emails, they deal with order enquiries speedy, and they are very polite and very friendly.
Plus what I like most is you are impressively kept up to date with every stage of your order, I never have to think what’s going on with my order because I have already been informed. Then they ship with a quality currier who also keep you up to date with you delivery.

Overall if I want something and if scan sell it I head over to scan first! Other retailer could learn a lesson from these guys! Currently my number 1 online retailer and it will be hard to push them of the top step.

Buy with confidence from scan they are a trustworthy honest retailer and very professional.

A number of retailers are using the love logo at the moment but I do love scan!

Don’t take my word for it give scan a go for yourself and I am sure you will be as impressed as me.


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