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Former Alpha Telecom user looking for a home

I came to DTS as a refugee from Alpha Telecom which seems now to have closed down for good. I think my last successful call through them had been around 10thJanuary 2012.
I bought £20 of credit with DTS via Paypal and am still using it for daily calls to Europe. At the end of its life Alpha T seemed to be promising all kinds of generous pricing structures, so that it may not be fair to describe DTS as less good value. Obviously their charges are still massively cheaper than the main mobile and fixed line providers.
On the whole the DTS audio quality has been better than Alpha T so far and the service at least as reliable. The only exception occurred repeatedly over a period of about two hours yesterday evening (27/2) when the call-up procedure continually got stuck after the credit announcement. It proved impossible to enter the destination number and 90% of attempts at a call timed out. It will be nice if it doesn’t happen again.
The call-up procedure and spiel commented on by others can seem long-winded when calls drop out or won’t connect properly, but obviously, under ideal circumstances, it is refreshing to have such informed control over your credit and to know how many minutes you could speak for if you really wanted to.
I had used Alpha T more or less daily for at least a decade and in two respects DTS currently falls short of what I am looking for to replace them.
-Firstly, it seems that DTS allow you to register a uk mobile number, but not a land-line number. This is short-sighted, with respect. Many customers will certainly have access to even cheaper ‘uk-landline to foreign landline’ calls than DTS is offering, but a ‘uk-landline to a foreign mobile’ call is a different thing entirely. Here DTS has a role to perform and it would be a great help if a uk-landline number could be registered too, so that it is not necessary to try to memorize the personal access code each time. This facility was a real strength of Alpha T for me.
-Secondly, the Alpha T access number began with 0208 just as does the DTS number. From Germany for instance, that number could be reached in London literally without cost and my German mobile was a number I had registered with Alpha T and could therefore be used for calls home to the UK as well as calls to abroad while I was abroad. At the moment DTS seems to permit the registration of uk mobiles only. If they could broaden their remit a little, their service would get much more use by travellers in my position.
Overall I’m quite happy to have found DTS and I’d much prefer it to get better than to need to continue my search for complete perfection elsewhere. I read in the comments of other users on this site how very approachable and cooperative DTS customer service is so there is hope. Alpha T had its virtues, but were rather opaque in technical matters and certainly perhaps rather slippery over the sale of credit and its monitoring.

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