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Not as good as you would expect.

Although they offer the best internet speeds in my area, the customers service is hard to deal with they often just use lip service and don't bother doing the thing you rang about, they get an Indian call centre to ring up every month or so for a "courtesy call" where they try to get you to upgrade your services. In fact I know the call is from virgin before they even tell me, as they still refer to me by my wife's maiden name even though I tell them it is wrong every time they call and we have been married for 5 years.

I had to upgrade to their 50mb service as they have put a cap on the lower packages which means as soon as you start to download a game or other large file they cap your speed with their "fair usage policy" which means in effect you have a 10mb download speed as long as you don't really use it.

In general the service can be hit and miss, everything is fine for a couple of months then you have all kinds of connection problems for a week, If you do manage to get through to the customer service it is hard to convince them you have a hardware problem but when they finally believe you, they usually send out an engineer quickly, their engineers are very professional and know their stuff but are always under a lot of pressure to leave as they have quite limited times allotted for each job.

In summery if there was another provider in my area that could offer the same speeds I would change in an instant but I'm afraid where I live they are the best of an awful bunch. I think this whole sector needs to pull it's socks up.

Let's hope BT Infinity is better when it comes to my area because at least then I will have a choice.

Nevada Music

Great value and quick service.

I bought a squire strat starter kit for my son to learn guitar with. The price was the best I found on-line and the delivery was quick and we had no problems or issues, thanks Nevada.

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