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Delivery hiccup.

I initially visited Thedrinkshop to buy a beer I couldn't find elsewhere. While surfing round the site, I found some interesting bottles that were also, (as far as I know), unavailable from "regular" outlets. All the items in my £100+ order were shown as in stock, so I placed my order and received a delivery date that was convenient.
I was at fault for not reading the order confirmation properly, as the delivery date had been arbitrarily put back by a week. A few days later, I received an e-mail confirming the change in delivery date from that made on the initial order - there was no explanation as to why.
Fortunately the new date was acceptable and the goods were delivered on time, as described. If an item is shown as being in stock, I would expect the date on the order to be honoured and if it changes, to be told why. Apart from that, I'm highly satisfied.


Right product, right size, right price.

I primarily ordered the magnets for one small job but found their versatility and strength way above expectations. I subsequently found uses for the surplus magnets from the pack and will be ordering more for other projects in the very near future.

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