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Missed the delivery and delivered it 24 DAYS late

Extremely bad company. Missed the delivery time, impolite staff. Didn't even take all of the packaging from the product that they said they would. I will not be buying with Curry's again.


An amazing "brand" turned direction...

A few years ago, when coke zone was first announced, I signed up and saw amazing prizes such as iPhone and Xbox and PS2 and amazing prizes, as soon as the scammers (coca-cola) noticed that users were starting to build up on points, I had nearly reached 300, enough to get a PSP! they suddenly deleted all the best prizes and changed 300 points for a cap? yes A CAP? They treat us like mugs, then I was about to give all my 375 points into a competition to win some iPhones and other snazzy tech, when they closed my account because somehow I had been "cheating the system", I had honestly built up my points, I collected Coca-cola bottles, got the codes and when my mates were about to throw their bottles away I noted down the code, I had never ever cheated on their website, and they didn't give me any more information.
Disgusting company, I don't care if this is sent to the Head of Coca-cola they are a tasteless company and I for one, will never buy their bleached water again. Note to other users of Coke-zone : Nearly every single one of their vouchers can easily be found with a quick google search. Even the BBC- Watchdog programme criticised them on National Television because of their actions. I am disgusted of how they treated me as a customer and hopefully their sales will drop. If I could give 0 stars, I assure you, I would.

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